GIG REVIEW | One Bad Son @ The Historic Red Dog

One Bad Son

Vancouver rockers, One Bad Son made their way to the Historic Red Dog in Peterborough on Tuesday May 21st. This tour stop marked the halfway point for the band’s cross Canada tour.

The first band to take the stage at the well-known Peterborough pub were local rockers, Seed. They kicked their set off with a bang and even through in a Led Zepplin cover to pair with their unique Rock n Roll sound.

Seed definitely made themselves known at the show and they even received a kind hearted shout out from One Bad Son. It’s great to find local talent with the sound and feel of true rock stars.

Finally the time came for One Bad Son and by this point every person in the venue was on their feet and excited. The band managed to interact with all of their fans and they took a different turn with Neil Young and The Who covers- and it’s safe to say fans of either of those acts would have been excited to hear the unique and talented spin they put into the covers.

One Bad Son showed Peterborough how passionate and happy they are about what they do, their energy and excitement filled the entire bar and left the intimate crowd feeling like they were a part of the show.

These guys have the stage presence and feel of reincarnated rockstars from the true Rock n Roll days, and they proved that Rock n Roll is still very much alive.


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