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LOOK OUT FOR | Fighting The Villain


Fighting the Villain is a Progressive-Rock band from Hayward, California. The band is fronted with powerful; high-note hitting female vocals and a well -meshed band blended together with; progressive instrumentation and a smooth mix of harmonies.

Fighting the Villain works with Producer, Erik Ron who is known to have worked with bands like; Panic! At the Disco, Saosin, Four Year Strong, D.R.U.G.S). The band signed with a local indie label, Popsmear Records in 2009.

Since then they have recently released a music video for their new single “Hidden”. The music video highlights the seriousness of the band, and shows the dynamics of what they have to offer- it’s a lot. Fighting the Villain is working hard at promoting themselves and they have shared the stage with bands like; Dance Gavin Dance, the Audition, A Static Lullaby and The Higher.

If you are a fan of bands like; Sleeping with Sirens, Paramore, Dead Letter Circus and Coheed and Cambria then you will like these guys. The band has had air-play on radio stations throughout the US and UK. Fighting the Villain caters to a wide range of listeners and is ready to make it big.

They are the kind of band you want to start listening to now, so you can say you did it before everyone else.

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