Detroit’s Battlecross have been breaking through the metal scene this year. The band signed with Metal Blade Records in 2010 and they have been unstoppable since their release of “Push Pull Destroy” later that year.

The band made their mark in Canada when they were added to InFlames‘ North American tour with All Shall Perish and Demon Hunter which made its way to Guelph, Ontario in early 2013.

Since then, the band has been added to every metal band’s dream gig, Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival with headliners Rob Zombie, Five Finger Deathpunch & Mastodon.

Now they have stepped it up even higher by taking the stage at Orion MusicΒ Festival where they are seen at a press conference with the one and only Metallica in the above picture.

Earlier this year the band announced that they were heading into Audiohammer Studios to work on their upcoming release “War Of Will” which we can expect to see out on July 9th!

Battlecross has proved that they are band that needs to be taken seriously and we’re hoping that they make it back to Canada as a headliner soon (this is something that is bound to happen).

If you are planning on rocking out at Mayhem this year make sure you catch them in Toronto on July 10th!

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