INTRONAUT | The Annex Wreckroom



INERTIA ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS: On June 18th metal fans throughout Toronto all gathered in the very dark Annex Wreckroom for a night of soulful riffs and harmonizing tones with a line-up of incredible instrumental acts: KOSMOGRAD, MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT, SCALE THE SUMMIT & INTRONAUT.

It was interesting to watch as all of the musicians in the room admired the talent these bands had, you could tell many fans were musicians because the rhythmic timing of the head bangers was dead-on.

The first band to take the stage was Toronto’s KOSMOGRAD. The first thing that came to mind after watching their enchanting set was “why aren’t these guys more popular?”. It was no wonder they were chosen as the local band to open this show, they fit the bill perfectly and they definitely would have made a nice addition to the entire tour.

Fans sat back and enjoyed the show as the band played songs off of their self-titled release that you can check out here. Do it, seriously.

Up next was Ohio’s Mouth Of The Architect. These guys had it all, a full band including keys. They helped welcome in the crowd that was rapidly growing during their set with their heavy and harmonizing sound.

After many debates on whether or not this band could have headlined, the time came for Scale The Summit to take over. Their set was powerful and included songs off of their latest release “Migration” that just came out on June 11th via Prosthetic Records.

Scale The Summit told fans about how amazing this tour has been for them and they closed their set with the closing song off of their new release “The Traveller”. This has fans moshing along in excitement, which highlighted how successful their new album is.

Finally after the room filled with smoke and the crowd rushed to the front of the stage, the time came for Los Angeles’ Intronaut. This show marked their first time back in Toronto since they were here earlier in the year with the almighty Meshuggah. I’d think it’s safe to say that tour helped get them enough attention to have such a good turn out at their headlining show on a Tuesday night at the Annex Wreckroom.

The band sounded the exact same live and fans were cheering their hearts out. They played songs off of their latest release “Habitual Levitations” that came out in North America on March 19th via Century Media Records, so it was no surprise to hear fans going wild when they played their single from that album “Milk Leg”.

It was interesting to see how the band plays shows without a setlist, this is something that I could see being really difficult without an intense feel for what you are doing. Watching these guys felt like you were watching a band play a show while they were all telepathically communicating- their chemistry as artists is amazing to see.

Toronto can’t wait to see these bands again, and we will definitely make sure to keep our eyes open for what’s next!

Scale The Summit’s Setlist:

Dark Horse

Age Of The Tide



Atlas Novus

The Great Plains

The Traveler


Photos/ Review: Jeanette LeBlanc

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