The Atria, the only venue you can drink endless amounts of Pabst Blue Ribbon tall cans, shirts are optional, and there’s even a dungeon in the basement(not the late teenage sweat basement on Simcoe)… The bathrooms, but I still end up coming back to this place for awesome metal shows like this one. It is so awesome that Oshawa’s Metal/Hardcore/Grindcore or whatever you may wish to call it, scene has stayed alive and strong while others have crashed and burned, dissipating over time.

Opening the show up for everyone was Imminence of Courtice. These young bloods tore up the stage playing seven strings, sounding very heavy, and bringing lots of breakdowns. Impressive growls from their vocalist, blast beats, offset jungle like drum beats kept things in time. These guys really tried to get the audience moving but apparently people hadn’t eaten their Wheaties (or had enough PBR) to get really going yet. Imminence recently recorded some new material and we at The Heavy Press look forward to hearing it.

The second act up was Enter Euphoria, proudly out of Oshawa as their one vocalist stated before opening up their first song, “Right here from the dirty, dirty!” Enter Euphoria rocks two vocalists who duel back and forth with well balanced punchy screaming and growls, with two guitarists who are very riff oriented while being paired with chugging interludes and dueling solo.

Pantera is obviously a large influence instrumentally as there were a few give away hints; dime bag signature Dean guitar, CFH tattoos and confederate flags could be seen within the band and floating around the crowd. They had impressive scaling/shredding overlapping face melting guitars. There seemed to be a lot of fans out to see these dudes, many screaming along.

Vocals echoed in and out of each other, while lots and lots of hair flung around the stage, and I really could not help picking up on a fubar tone with on stage banter, which was awesome. The crowd went crazy at the end of their set, screaming for an encore, and luckily the band played a highly demanded encore everybody, playing a new song with diving pitch squeals and Dimebag written all over it, finishing the set off strong.

Next up on the roster was Sleep When You’re Dead, straight out of the Rehearsal Factory in Oshawa and recently signed by Distort Records.

After a literal ‘shocking’ sound check, their bass player Frank Daly got mildly electrocuted by a microphone (don’t worry, it wasn’t as bad as Frankie Palmeri of Emmure’s electrocution on stage), and a team football-esque huddle, they opened up with a gladiator like intro and immediately dialed up the energy throughout the venue.

These guys have a great stage presence, vocals that can’t be ignored, huge bass drops, and rock solid drums beats you HAVE to move to. The stage seemed to come alive with these guys, I was just waiting for a catastrophic collision to happen at any point there was so much action on stage, such an awesome performance band to watch their energy on stage.

These guys meant business, with intricate song arrangements; pulsing back and forth, changing from warm and slow to fast and bone crushing in the blink of an eye. Their vocalist Alex Leech has great vocal range and truly shows his passion for his words and the band’s music through his performance. You’ve got to love when gang vocals happen at shows, makes everyone come together in the most badass of ways.

There was definitely a good size following for them present, as the venue floor filled up as the set went on. Sleep When You’re Dead definitely got the pit moving with high energy breakdowns, and lightning fast guitar riffs. I cannot express how well drums are played by Mark McCabe, right where they needed to be while retaining a subtle edge of flash.

Their combination of vocals, guitars and drums grab your attention like machine gun fire that cannot be ignored. Their song “Bayou Rock” may have been one of the most aggressive moments of moshing and performance combined that the Atria has ever seen! The explosive inertia this band carries itself with is staggering, man can they ever hold their own in a performance; getting the crowd involved clapping and singing along, demanding circle pits, bringing their signature western style metal riffs to the table.

They finished set with what their vocalist said was a “very important song” to him especially, proceeding to make a great speech about being unique and being true to yourself and not letting anyone bring you down. These are some great dudes who very obviously love their music to death and do not hold back, sparing no breath or guitar throw.

The second last band to play was Rosewood out of Montréal. I always get a tingle in my nut sack when I see Aguilar seven strings, there’s just something about their tone that rips so hard, especially two of them! These five dudes bring the brutality.

Patrick Campbell is an absolutely outstanding drummer whose beats of pure fury are heart stopping, and then start your heart again, and again… and again.

Vocalist Andrew Davidson started out strong with vocal chord destroying screams and growls; he did however complain of sounding like a “teenage girl”, probably a result of their touring, so he was joined at one point by the singers of two bands which added some hype to the performance.

These guys play some amazing absolutely ruthless chugging core music that just pounds you into the ground non-stop Montreal style, just fantastic stuff. Superimposed 7 string shredding by guitarists Tyler Davidson and Jesse “Da Weezul” White left a spectacular droning ringing throughout the venue and the pounding of feet from moshers must have loosened up the already frail structure of The Atria.

Performance wise these guys had an abundant display of raw power and energy, seeming to raise a passage to hell beneath them and resurrect any dead within a 10 km radius.

The last to play and the headliner of the night was Oshawa’s, This Is Death Valley. These guys are unconditionally brutal in their music and the absolute evil and hate that emerges from their songs is equally as satanically awesome.

They opened up ludicrously strong hammering and thrashing the venue apart. At this point the crowd had been crushing cheap PBR and for four hours had been forcefully inflicted with powerful intense metal of various sorts to their brains, which basically was the ideal time for This Is Death Valley to induce everyone with their specific strain of gore.

The crowd immediately went utterly insane, moshing levels were off the charts and eventually The Atria was basically turned into a Roman gladiator coliseum of pure violence, feeding off the mass hateful energy these guys brought with their malicious malevolence.

They utilize two exceptional vocalists, Tyler Kameda and Aaron Swain, whose viciousness was boundless. They both had a very pronounced live presence and extremely strong vocal performances. They announced they have been recording new music that we at the Heavy Press cannot wait to get our hands on, but for now you can check out their 2011 released EP ‘We Are The Destroyed’.

Overall this was one of the best local Metal shows The Heavy Press has attended as of yet, and it is shows like this that make us proud to be a part of this family that is the metal scene. We cannot thank the organizers of the show enough for putting on the show and letting us experience all these bands. Hope to hear new music from all the bands of the evening, and will be impatiently waiting what is next to come!

Review By: Scott Cruickshank

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