CHELSEA GRIN w/ VEIL OF MAYA | The Annex Wreckroom | Review


The All Stars tour 2013 preseason show triumphed Toronto on Wednesday July 17th at The Annex Wreckroom; hosting Chelsea Grin, Veil of Maya, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE and Dayshell before they set out for the full tour starting July 19th.

Opening the night were acts from throughout the GTA including; When Fall Breaks, Enter Euphoria, and Where Giants Once Stood– who played songs off of their upcoming release “The Changing” that is set to debut on July 30th.

Dayshell’s Shayley Bourget, former Of Mice and Men member, proved that he was making a come back; cultivating his sound and boldness as front man. Vocals appeared to have a repetitive delay that may have been too potent for some, but it can add to the quality of layering sounds within vocals that can enhance performance and deliverance.

Female fronted IWRESTLEDABEARONCE took immediate attention as the pit filled out to hear their fast progressive quirkiness. It’s impressive to be fooled when you can look away and in thought believe that the vocals are lead by a male vocalist, until you are serenaded with her cleans and are brought back to the realization that her versatility is unheard of and one of a kind.

Veil of Maya initiated the circle pits for the crowd where “throwing down” is forgotten and their all-metal sound takes it back to its roots where moshing remained active in this crowd and even took to areas outside of the pit.

Chelsea Grin closed the night with their one hour set and lively stage production. Walking out to smoke, dim lights and force-feeding the crowd with a strobe light show revealing a dominant silhouette of the members performing and the crowd raving in unison.

Words by: Chelsey Rogatinsky

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