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The Heavy Press’ Jeanette LeBlanc recently touched base with Oshawa’s Where Giants Once Stood to get to know them a little bit better and find out about their future plans and making of the band. Here’s what they had to share:

Who are you, what do you do?

Jordan Turnbull: lead guitar and vocals

Reshaun Page: lead vocals

You guys have been playing a lot of shows lately, what have been some of your highlights from the past couple of months?


Our first tour this summer was a highlight in itself. Being able to go out across the country with your best friends is a dream come true! There were shows that were better and some that were worse, but the overall experience was awesome!


The day the Changing EP came out. We put a lot of time and work into that CD and it paid off by debuting at no.2 on the iTunes Metal charts, which meant a lot to us.

You guys received a lot of attention opening up for Veil Of Maya and Chelsea Grin in Toronto, what was that show like for you guys? What kind of feedback did you receive from it?


It was amazing! A great start to play a big show and hype up the release for the EP. It was a bit nerve wrecking at first, because we did not play a single show in 10 months due to the re launch. The second we got on stage, we did our thing and the crowd actually dug it! I saw a video of “A Broken Memory” on youtube and you can see the audience rocking out. It was awesome playing in front of a new crowd who had no idea who we were. After the set, a few kids came up to me and wanted to know more information about us, as they were interested in pre-ordering our EP!


At what point would you say you guys became noticed?


I didn’t even know we were considered “noticed” yet.  I think we have a bit more work to do first


Yeah, this is only the beginning for us.

What can you tell us about your EP “The Changing”? What can we expect if we have never heard it before?


A tribute to all metal! We love so many bands and have tons of influences between us. There are fast parts, slow parts, singing, screaming, groove parts, breakdowns. Just about anything we like about metal we incorporate, and I think a good chunk of our influences showed up on the album!

What’s your favourite track off of “The Changing” and why?


Hard to say, maybe “The Changing” because lyrically it hits very close to home for me, I also really enjoy playing the solo in that song!


I’d say “The Heavens Tremble” It’s a heavy speed metal song, perfect to start up some circle pits and I love the chorus. Shooting the music video for it was also really fun!

What went in to the writing of that album?


Scott and I basically just sat down every day in our basement “studio” and wrote and jammed.  It took us a few months, but we brought the rough tracks to band, everyone wrote their parts, we did pre pros, then we brought it to a studio and the rest is history!


While the guys were working on the music end of it, I took some time to myself and just kept on writing lyrics. At first I wasn’t too happy with the concepts I was writing about. Then I really thought about the past and all the negative stuff that has happened to us in our old band (Absence of Fear) and realized this re launch is going to be a significant new change for everyone, So I wrote about real life situations and Jordan and Scott had their input and wrote their vocal parts That’s where our EP title “The Changing” came from.

What has been the hardest part about being in a band?


I’d say getting the right band members together and sticking with it till the end.  It’s easy at first to get something started and everyone is excited, but then after a while, some people realize it’s not meant for them. They see there’s a lot of time and work put into it, plus the major sacrifices they have to make in order to push the band to the next level.

What is it like breaking out in Oshawa? How would you describe the heavy music scene there?


The heavy music scene is very alive there; it’s a good place to start off. Oshawa has been pretty good to us generally speaking, there isn’t much bad I can say!


There’s a Metal show going on at least once a week at the Atria/Diesel Room, so it’s good knowing that there’s a loyal scene and people are always attending shows and supporting bands!

What’s next for Where Giants Once Stood?


New Videos, new album, more shows, more tours

Where can fans find you guys?


Itunes, Youtube, Facebook,Twitter,  all the  normal social media jazz. As far as shows, we will be doing some dates across Ontario in the coming months, and hopefully another tour soon as well, So keep an eye out!

Check out Where Giants Once Stood’s video for “The Heavens Tremble”:


The Annex Wreckroom: w/ Chelsea Grin & Veil Of Maya

The Annex Wreckroom: Battle For Mayhem Fest

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