OBEY THE BRAVE | The Annex Wreckroom


Words By: Jeanette LeBlanc

Photography By: Stephanie Tran

A cool and breezy Friday the 13th of September, welcomed Obey The Brave’s Canadian Tour’s second stop to the Annex Wreckroom in Toronto as the Montreal hardcore band was supported by Expire, No Bragging Rights, Beheading Of A King and Constellations.

Pickering locals Constellations were the first to hit the stage as they welcomed the other bands to town with their only show of the tour. Unfortunately for them , their incredible set went mildly unnoticed as they hit the stage at 5:45- while most people are leaving work. This definitely didn’t stop the boys from giving it their all and interacting with the fans as best as they can. Constellations have a diverse and emotional heavy hitting sound that will have you interacting and a fan at first glance. They made for an extremely fitting opener and we hope to see big things from them in the future!

Up next, the time came for another solid Montreal act, Beheading of a King. With it being their second time in Toronto this week after they performed at Spread The Metal Fest on the 7th. The band appeared to have a decent following as they hit the stage. They were welcomed on with epic and alluring synth and production values and they kicked their set off with a heavy and engaging bang of tight growling vocals and catchy riffs. Beheading of a King had fans singing along and throwing down throughout their whole set and definitely were known throughout the venue as they closed with their single from their hit music video, “Handcrafted”.

California’s No Bragging Rights also had fans moving the second they hit the stage and they didn’t waste any time when it came to interacting with their fans- which were clearly in abundance. No Bragging Rights’ vocalist, Mike Perez wore his heart on his sleeve as he shared inspirational stories of abuse, failure and suicide.  Fans learned that his father was abused and chose not to let his family be raised like that and that life is all about the choices that we make and how we treat people.  We also learned that we grow from failure and that suicidal is not something that we can see. We need to help people who are having a hard time. No matter where you come from and what you’ve been through; you had some reason to relate to Perez and the band’s music, especially as they performed “Hope Theory” off of their latest release, Cycles.

After fans raged out and shared their emotions with the stage, the time came for Milwaukee’s Expire to hit the stage. Expire brought out their old-school hardcore roots and vibes as they shook up the venue and had fans jumping on stage. It came as no surprise when they told fans that they look up to hardcore legends, Madball whom they have previously toured with. They told everyone that “If you don’t know who Madball is, you don’t need to get out, you just need to go home and check them out!”.  It’s true, they are awesome and if you’re a fan of them and old school hardcore, then you’ll definitely be a fan of Expire!

Finally, after the venue filled and fans waited- the time came for Obey The Brave to take the stage. They sounded awesome and kept the theme of interacting and throwing down going strong. With this being their fourth time in Toronto this year since we saw them opening up for Emmure and performing at Warped Tour and SCENE Music Fest (not exactly Toronto, but whatever) it was clear that fans were waiting and prepared to see them headline this show. Tons of eager fans sang along and the band smashed around the stage with the audience.

Over-all, Obey The Brave’s Canadian Tour made for a successful and enjoyable stop in Toronto, all it took was some kicks and elbows to the faces of innocent bystanders in the mosh pit.





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