SAXON | Phoenix Concert Theatre


Words By: Alex Woods

Photography By: Jeanette LeBlanc

An evening of Triumph and Valor

Legions of faithful and old school heavy metal fans marched to the Phoenix Concert Hall on September 15th to witness the triumph and majesty of one of Britain’s finest exports, Saxon…The anticipation in the air could be smelt from miles away, as both openers Halcyon Way and Fozzy were ready and quick to entertain the crowd with their high octane performances.

First up was Halcyon Way…For an opener band, these guys were excellent. With plenty of slick and fancy guitar work from lead guitarist Jon Bodan, paired with the progressive and hard hitting drum beats by drummer Ernie Topran, Halcyon Way delivered a fantastic performance, and a great appetizer for the evening’s main coarse.

Next in line was Fozzy. Anyone who is familiar, or was familiar with wrestling will know that former WWF/WCW wrestler Chris Jericho, is the band’s lead vocalist. Jericho comes out for the first song with some familiar stage gear that resembles his get up in his earlier wrestling career. Throughout their performance, the band was dancing frantically and jumping around on stage, with enough energy to power a town for weeks. Although the crowd didn’t seem too enthusiastic, Jericho did his best to boost the majority of the crowd by getting them to chant lyrics, clap to the beat, and dance seductively in front of fans.

Last up is our main course, Saxon. These veterans of heavy metal marched onto the venue’s battlefield with familiar favorites from their earlier years, and newer tracks, proving that Saxon hasn’t lost any fight. In fact, the heavy metal legion was still headbanging after 40 years of hard hitting, heavy metal madness. Front man Biff Byford captured the crowds attention by singing into the hearts of the devoted fans there to see them. A great night to be had, and a battle won with our brothers in Saxon.


Halcyon Way:








Spider In My Mouth

Sand Paper

Eat The Rich

God Pounds His Nails

Shine Forever

Sin and Bones


Blood Happens



Wheels of Terror

Power & Glory

Heavy Metal Thunder

Made In Belfast

Dogs of War

Motorcycle Man

Rock N Roll Gypsy

Guardians of The Tomb

Dallas 1pm

747 (Strangers in the Night)

Denim and Leather

Wheels of Steel




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