Words and Thoughts By: Jeanette LeBlanc

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. On October 2nd, Underoath fans and Spencer Chamberlain fans learned in an interview with Alternative Press that the singer has been struggling financially since the breakup of Underoath last winter. So what’s a broke world famous musician to do when they run out of money? Yeah you guessed it alright… start a new band and get right back to work!

Sleepwave is a name Spencer came up with out of hundreds of other prospective names, its meaning is to be at complete rest. The band is built up of: Spencer Chamberlain on vocals, guitar, bass,keyboards and programming.  Stephen Bowman: guitars, bass, keyboards, programming.

While their live shows will consist of:
Spencer Chamberlain, vocals, guitar, keyboards.
Stephen Bowman: guitars, keyboards
Josh Mclin: bass, keyboards
Jack Burns: guitar, keyboards
Phil Chamberlain: drums

We were stoked to see Spencer’s brother Phil on this line-up after we’ve grown to love his amazing band To Speak Of Wolves. Check out their video for “Quercas Alba” featuring Spencer Chamberlain on guest vocals, trust me- you’ll flip for it! I still get goosebumps every time I hear it.

So what does Sleepwave sound like is what your wondering right? From the one song we’ve had to check out, Spencer takes a more serenading twist on his vocals and the band tosses in more rock n roll vibes versus the heavy hardcore Underoath we’re used to. But let’s remember, they aren’t trying to be Underoath and at some point we all need to accept the fact that the band is no more, so Spencer is free to change his sound and do whatever the hell he wants. Tell us what you think in our comment section below!

SLEEPWAVE “Rock And Roll Is Dead And So Am I”

Also Check out Their Promotional Video: “Static Feed”

Upcoming Shows: 
Nov 16 State Theater St Petersburg, FL
 Nov 17 Masquerade – Purgatory Atlanta, GA  
Nov 20 Santos Party House New York, NY 
Nov 21 North Star Bar Philadelphia, PA

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