MISFITS | Phoenix Concert Theatre


The world famous punk band, Misfits, made their way to the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on October 4th- in what felt like perfect timing with Halloween being just around the corner. Misfits were supported by locals acts: Tequila Mocking Bird, IVS, The House Of Haunt & Frenemy.

The wardrobe for the evening consisted of multiple generations of cut-up and personalized Misfits apparel, as we saw t-shirts, vests, sweaters, hats and whatever else you can think of through-out the crowd. Young and old fans were stoked to see the band, whether it was your 30th time or your first, or even if you managed to catch Danzig in Toronto during the summer- the anticipations were all high.

The major build-up of the evening was wondering what was underneath the covered set that took up most of the stage. You just knew that they had something crazy up their production sleeves.

The House of Haunt made an effort to stand out from the other bands with their theatrical performance. They had goolish make-up, incredible costumes and instruments and let’s not forget their “mascot” whom stood at the side of the stage hacking up body parts during their set. This band made for an extremely entertaining and talented performance with their unique and upbeat rockabilly/ horror sound and style.

Frenemy had an equally powerful performance, as they offered a completely different style and sound. These guys brought that new-school heavy punk vibe to the stage with their heavy vocals and mosh pit energy. Their were screaming girls and bodies jumping around throughout their entire performance, especially when they brought out a larger than life handmade “Halloween dick” that got thrown around in the crowd.

Finally after hundreds of beers were consumed and the venue filled even more, the time came for the legendary Misfits to take the stage. The crowd went wild when the black sheets were pulled away, revealing the stage set-up. It felt like you were on the set of some crazy horror movie, or better yet- a Misfits music video. The graveyard-esque theme consisted of stones, skeletons. All which were paired perfectly with the bands bad-ass leather-spiked outfits and dead makeup.

The night made for a perfect horror filled October evening and the New Jersey three piece proved why they have been such a legendary act as they came out with their powerful and spot on sound. The Misfits played everything that fans wanted to hear during their lengthy set, including: Scream, American Psycho, Teenagers From Mars, Horror Business, From Hell They Came, Ghouls Night Out, Dark Shadows, We Are 138, Hatebreeders, Skulls, Horror Hotel, Dig Up Her Bones, Vampira, Shining, Static Age, Father, Attitude & more.

Words By: Jeanette LeBlanc

Photography By: Anna Sklavos






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