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On Tuesday October 22nd, Metal heads from all over the Greater Toronto Area witnessed one of the most insane and incredible metal shows of the year. The Kool Haus kicked off the co-headlining tour with Lamb Of God and Killswitch Engage with powerful support from the mighty Testament and Pagan Goddess lead, Huntress. This show was a night that will be remembered by all- it’s going down in Toronto metal history.

Toronto felt honored to kick off this hefty tour as the bands and fans gave each other their all. The first act to hit the stage was Huntress; This marked their third time in Toronto this year after we saw them headline the Hard Luck Bar and caught their awesome performance at Mayhem Festival this summer- it was evident that their familiar faces worked alongside them as fans sang along and crowd surfed during their set.

Huntress’ vocalist Jill Janus sounded unearthly as she hit every note with her beautifully Opera trained voice. Jill toasted a shot of Jager with fans in honor of the incredible tour they have a head of them, Jill finished off their set by telling fans to “Stay metal and smoke weed”- don’t you just love her?

After the crowd filled even more and fans cheered, the time came for the legendary Testament to take the stage. Their set-up revealed a Satanic layer and the metal horns were out in full force. The crowd went insane as they began to play “Into The Pit”; for some the pit became the last place you wanted to “get into”, it was a war zone. Testament brought the guitar shreds and powerful riffs, all alongside Chuck Billy’s powerful and old-school metal vocals, who told fans “It’s gonna be an incredible tour man”.

By this time, the crowd was packed and chanting “Killswitch! Killswitch! Killswitch!”. The band stepped out opening with “The New Awakening” off of their latest release “Disarm The Descent” (April 2, 2013) via Road Runner Records. Newly returned vocalist Jesse Leach sounded like he never left and was right back where he belongs.

Jesse had the crowd moving when he stopped to tell everyone how it’s done, “Do you know what the shape of a circle is? Do you know what a mosh pit is? I want to see the biggest pit circle you’ve got!”

Fans screamed, sang, moshed, crowd surfed and most likely shed some tears along with the band. Killswitch Engage put on a phenomenal performance that truly makes them a must see live band.

Finally after an epic build-up of more crowd chants and an in between playlist consisting of Gorjira, In Flames and other epic tracks; the time came for the ALMIGHTY AND POWERFUL LAMB OF GOD. Opening with “Desolation” off of their latest release “Resolution” (2012) via Sony Records, the band sounded incredible and in return, the crowd gave them one hell of a mosh pit. After hammering through the first couple of songs, vocalist Randy Blythe took a second to breathe and talk to fans, saying that the first Toronto show they ever played was at the Opera House and his first thoughts were “These Motherfuckers are crazy up here!”.

Lamb Of God thanked Canada for being so supportive, and this day it was proven the most supportive as we welcomed them into town with some gold records! The band played everything we wanted to hear and in honor of “As The Palaces Burn” celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, LOG played a series of songs from the album, this made the entire venue shake; possibly even the entire city.

All of the bands made us feel proud to live in this beautiful metal as f**k city we call Toronto. We ain’t perfect but we sure as hell know how to get down in a mosh pit. This show truly will go down as one of the best metal shows everyone in attendance has ever been to, and hey lets not forget, I’m sure the second Toronto date on the 23rd will be the same way- I don’t see how they could possibly let anyone down.

Killswitch Engage Set List:

New Awakening
When Darkness Falls
You Don’t Bleed For Me
Tribute To The Fallen
Turning Point
Rose Of Sharyn
Just Barely Breathing
All We Have
My Last Serenade
End Of Heartache
My Curse
In Due Time

Lamb Of God Set List:

Ghost Walking
Walk With Me In Hell
Set To Fail
The Undertow
Now You’ve Got Something To Die For
Laid To Rest
As The Palaces Burn
Black Label

Photography/ Words by: Jeanette LeBlanc






  1. The only disappointment… KsE’s audio was a bit off, I think the vocals were too low… I was so sad I couldn’t hear Jesse, but you could tell he was really givin it… But it was an awesome show! Kool Haus was a great venue for this; cozy, personal, and wicked acoustics. My brain was pulsating LoG for days!

  2. Thanks for the post!
    I’m a huge Lamb of God fan.
    I can’t wait for the remastered version of As The Palaces Burn to come out on the eleventh!

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