An evening of pure thrash

Thrash heads from all over congregated to the Opera House in Toronto, to witness the sheer force that thrash presents to its listeners. The destructive line up consisted of a powerful trio: Warbringer, Over Kill, and Kreator.

This was my first time seeing Warbringer. These guys packed a massive punch and really paved the way for the headliners. It always pleases me to see an opening band that has possesses so much energy and confidence. You could feel this energy as Warbringer stomped through their set with bone crushing riffs, fast paced drums, all lead forward by their fire driven front man.

Next up was Over Kill. The crowd went absolutely nuts when these guys performed. The mosh pits possessed enough intensity to put an atom bomb to shame, and Over Kill managed to top this intensity. The guitar solos were absolutely flawless, and paired with the front mans gut wrenching vocals, Over Kill managed to thrash the crowd well into the night.

Last up was Kreator. You could tell the crowd was anxiously awaiting these guys by the almost instant mosh pit that was formed when they first began playing. Frontman Mille really got the crowd going by introducing one of their well known hits “Pleasure to kill” by asking the crowd “Toronto, are you ready to kill…each other!?” The crowd instantly knew what to do, and sure enough a brotherly battle of a moshing apocalypse was born as the first chords of the song resonated throughout the venue.

Excellent performances by all bands. A high energy, high octane evening.

Photography/ Words By: Alex Woods




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