THE PRETTY RECKLESS | Phoenix Concert Theatre

The Pretty Reckless - Toronto - Phoenix 2013_10

On November 4th, 2013, fans of all-ages came from all though-out the GTA to catch The Pretty Reckless with support from Heaven’s Basement as the “Going To Hell Tour” took the stage at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto.

The theme of the night appeared to be “sexy”. There were faces covered in dark tempting shades of eye shadow and lipstick and girls dressed in promiscuous attire; black, leather, mini-skirts.  Everyone felt sexy and wanted to let lose along with the bands as they danced against their friends and sang as if no one was watching.

The first band we caught were British rockers, Heaven’s Basement. The four-piece kept it simple with good old rock n roll vibes and sounds.  They had amazing energy that encouraged the momentum of the crowd to move at a fast pace. Vocalist Aaron Buchanan told fans how much he loves our city and he apologized for how ill he was feeling the last time the band performed here. His intense and contagious energy definitely made up for it as he asked, “Tonight we’ve come here to party! Toronto you up for it?”.

Aaron also requested an extra amount of movement when the time came for them to play their hit “Fire Fire”. They also had the crowd going strong with the remainder of their setlist including; “Can’t Let Go” and “Nothing Left To Lose”. Heaven’s Basement made their way to their merch booth after the set to hang out with fans.

Finally after fans waited patiently, the time came for The Pretty Reckless to take the stage. The female fronted heavy rock band brought intense lighting and a whole lot of attitude to the stage with them. Vocalist Taylor Momsen has the stage presence of a reincarnated “sex drugs and rock n roll” hippie-rockstar from the 1970’s. She is a true leader and entertainer who doesn’t shy from her sexuality as she was crawling all over the stage and her fellow band members who seemed pretty used to it.

“You’re so hot!” and “I love you Taylor” were some of the commonly heard phrases from the crowd. The band sounded awesome and fans were going wild dancing and singing.  The amount of promiscuous vibes were so strong they could be felt throughout the entire city, it was as if someone had gassed the venue with some special love drug.

The Pretty Reckless played everything that fans wanted to hear, including stuff off of their latest release ” Going To Hell” that is set to be released in early 2014. Their set list included: “Follow Me Down”, “Since You’re Gone”, “Miss Nothing”, “Hit Me Like A Man”, “Zombie”, “Sweet Things”, “Cold Blooded”, “Kill Me”, “Medicine”, “Going Down”, “Make Me Wanna Die” & “Going To Hell”.

The “Going To Hell” tour stop made for an excellent time at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. Whether you were dancing as if you were along and naked in your own bedroom or you were screaming and singing your heart out in the pit; you felt like you were a part of something sexy and fun.

Words By: Jeanette LeBlanc

Photography By: Anna Sklavos



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