On November 11th, 2o13 the “This Tour Is Personal” tour made its way to a packed Opera House in Toronto for an incredible night filled with crazy riffin’ and hectic moshin’; as fans anticipated performances from Periphery, Dead Letter Circus, Twelve Foot Ninja and locals, Auras.

Waterloo’s Auras were the first band to hit the stage, and goddamn did they ever do a good job representing our neck of the woods. Vocalist Eric Almeida’s powerful growls were felt throughout the entire venue as the band had fans throwing their horns up in the air and moshing throughout the crowd. Their intense energy and strong sound made for a great opener to warm the pit up with.

Almeida told the crowd about the bands latest release “Panacea” that they were selling at their merch booth for 5 bucks; if you haven’t check these guys out yet, we’d say it’s worth the buy if you’re into that really good heavy as f*ck stuff- you can grab it here on their bandcamp.

Up next, the time came for the crazy and highly entertaining Twelve Foot Ninja. These guys had SO MUCH to offer the crowd with their progressive metal riffs and upbeat fun ska- heavy rock sound. They had fans going from raging circle pits, to skanking, to singing and dancing along. Their emotional roller coaster ride left you at the edge of your seat in excitement throughout their entire performance.

Twelve Foot Ninja was one of those bands that sounded exactly the same live, but somehow even better; as they mixed in some a Capella parts and threw things down on stage. If you ever have the chance to catch these guys live- you must, you must, you must!

Thanks to the openers, fans were pretty pumped when the time came for Australian rockers, Dead Letter Circus to take the stage. They kept the energy flowing throughout the venue as they serenaded the room with their unique and technical sound. Vocalist Kim Benzie sounded incredible as he hit every technical note one after another. Fans learned that this was Dead Letter Circus’ first time ever playing Toronto and by the looks of things, they seemed to have enjoyed themselves just as much as us fans did.

Dead Letter Circus played songs that everyone wanted to hear including tracks off of their latest release “The Catalyst Fire” that came out in North America earlier this summer via The End Records– we also recommend you check that one out.

Finally after fans cheered them on stage, the time came for Washington’s Periphery. The 6 piece consisting of 3 guitars came out sounding powerful as they opened with part 1 of their song trilogy “Muramasa” which then blended into “Ragnarok”. Emotions were powerful and the venue was heating up.

All eyes were glued to the front and all mouths appeared to know every word to almost every song, even if you didn’t know the words- you were still singing. The band made for a fun and engaging performance as they joked around with each other and constantly reached into the crowd sharing microphones and guitars with the fans.

Periphery showed Toronto plenty of love and in return, fans gave them one hell of a mosh pit. Bodies were flying everywhere and fans were diving off of the stage. It came as no surprise when fans stayed and demanded an encore, which at this point the band shook their heads in amazement and came out blasting “Icarus Lives”.

The “This Tour Is Personal” Tour made for an incredible night, it was nice to see the smiles on peoples faces as everyone bonded over their love for the music and respect for the bands and scene. We can’t wait to catch all of these amazing artists again in the future- hopefully sooner than later!

Periphery Setlist:

Have a Blast
Jetpacks Was Yes!
Luck As A Constant
The Gods Must Be Crazy!
New Groove
Facepalm Mute
Make Total Destroy


Icarus Lives

Words By: Jeanette LeBlanc

Photography By: Stephanie Tran






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