If you’re a fan of: 10 Years, Dead Letter Circus, Dead Sara, Flyleaf, Breached.

Words by: Jeanette LeBlanc

The Greater Toronto Area has produced another flawless rock band, this one being female fronted- melodic heavy rock act; Polarity.

Polarity takes the definition  of “emotional rock” to a whole new level with the passionate vocal styling’s of the very talented Jasmine Virginia. Jasmine ranges from slow subtle growls and serenades to high pitched leaps. Jasmine’s vocals, paired with the bands unique and adventurous sounds; take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride that will keep you holding on right till the very end.

These guys are  the kind of band that will sit alongside you in your deepest- darkest downs and then lift you up through the light as you touch and see every single feeling along the way. Their sound is honest and their lyrics are powerful.

So, of course we are telling you that they are a must see live band! Luckily for us, they will be making their way to Lee’s Palace in Toronto on December 20th, with support from Organ Thieves (Dave Brownsound, formerly Sum 41), Still Life, and Trove.

DEFINITELY make sure you listen to their tracks and check out their amazing music video for “Tug Of War” below:

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