Words by: Jeanette LeBlanc

On November 27th, 2013; The Story So Far and Stick To Your Guns made their way to a rammed Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto with support from Such Gold and Heart To Heart. Although some fans were disappointed in the fact that tour companions Rotting Out and Souveniers were denied access to our beautiful country; the show still went on and fans got over it (very quickly).

The first band we managed to catch was Such Gold. Their performance had fans stage diving and singing along the second they stepped foot on stage. Such Gold’s high levels of energy and catchy-heavy sound made for a perfect fit for this tour.

Stick To Your Guns vocalist, Jesse Barnett noted later on during STYG’s set that he is a huge fan of Such Gold and we should all go out and grab their latest release “Misadventures” which you can snag here.

Such Gold proved themselves as being a must see live band with the reactions they were getting from the crowd. One crazy fan managed to jump on stage and show off his fan tat of a song that the band joked about wasn’t on the set list that night.

Such Gold had Stick To Your Gun’s drummer George Schmitz pulling double duty on the beats all night as he filled in for them; fortunately for us- this didn’t hurt George’s performance when the time came for Stick To Your Guns to take the stage immediately after.

Stick To Your Guns stepped out sounding amazing; the last time we caught these guys it was at a very intimate Hard Luck Bar with Stray From The Path, so this venue allowed for a lot more movement and craze from the crowd (not that anyone held back at their last show). The band sounded powerful and helped lift the energy of the crowd that one extra level.

Vocalist Jesse Barnett took the time to share his life stories and motivational words with the crowd on a couple occasions. Before the band played their self-titled track Diamond off of their latest release; Jesse told us that life is about the choices we make and we choose our destiny, “This is my life, this is my Diamond”. You could feel the love and passion flowing throughout their entire performance, these guys truly deserve the respect their fans give them- so it’s safe to say it came as no surprise that fans begged for an encore at the end of their set, which we all know opening bands aren’t allowed to do, but hey it’s worth the shot right?

Finally, just when you thought the venue couldn’t get any more packed- it did! The time came for The Story So Far to take over and man, were people stoked.

The band stepped out and were greeted with screams and fans jumping on stage. Some fans abused the privilege of stage diving by knocking over mics and running into members of the band; but it seemed to have chilled down a bit after vocalist Parker Cannon laid down the law and told fans to put their arms up to catch people and that the stage wasn’t there for fans to make fools of themselves. After this, people stepped it up and at least caught the crowd surfing Orca after a failed attempt earlier in their performance.

Altogether, the night was a complete success. The Story So Far played everything fans wanted to hear and gave us an encore. Toronto rules.

Also check out our interview with Stick To Your Guns from their last Toronto show! 

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