P!NK w/ THE HIVES | Air Canada Centre


Live Nation Presents:

On November 30th and December 2nd, 2013; The “Truth About Love Tour” made it’s way to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto for two incredible SOLD-OUT shows with the legendary and extremely talented P!NK. These shows were supported by Indie rocker’s The Hives. The anticipations on the night of the 30th could be felt through the entire stadium as fans cheered and dressed up for the occasion- pink being the color of choice of course.

The Hives began their set as fans were still flooding in to their seats. Their upbeat indie rock sound allowed fans to dance and sing along while they warmed up for Pink. The Hive’s stage set-up matched their unique style and matching uniforms as they played their fan favorites like; “Come On”, “Walk Idiot Walk”, “Take Back The Toys” and “Tick Tick Boom”.

When the time came for the legendary Alecia Beth Moore to hit the stage, she was introduced by our highly entertaining host for the evening who ran around the crowd and told us “the truth about love”.

Finally, a bang went off and there she was flying through the air with her team of acrobats as she opened up with “Raise Your Glass”. The emotions were so strong; you could feel the energy bouncing off of the entire crowd, there were multiple points where you became choked up because of how intense and amazing everything was.

Everything about her stage presence proved how much of a natural she is; the fact that she has been consistently blowing us away since the early days of her career back in the mid 1990’s just goes to show how dedicated and deserving she is of all of her success now. You could not take your eyes off of her through-out the entire performance- even as her dancers and gymnasts performed incredibly mind blowing stunts that left you feeling like you were at a Cirque De Soleil performance.

One of the more entertaining parts of the evening was when Pink let her personality shine and connected with everyone in the crowd. She took the time to sit down and talk to fans as she read allowed the hilarious signs that were being held in the floor section of the venue. Some fans got to touch her hair, one man received a kiss, and one woman had the opportunity to share her success of kicking cancers ass as the entire crowd cheered for her. Pink was showered with gifts and cards from the crowd and she did not take a single moment of it for granted.

The “Truth About Love Tour” left fans feeling inspired and on a high as they left. After leaving the show you felt as though you’ve never experienced anything like it. She is more than an entertainer, she is a performer and a powerful woman who we have all watched grow and evolve over the span of her career. At one point during the show, the projectors filled with a timeline of her life and showed clips from her earliest music videos where we all had the chance to go back in time to how we remembered things in those days. We remembered where we were and who we were when we used to hear those songs on the radio and sing them in front of our mirrors. She made us all feel like we were a part of this incredible journey and incredible tour, right beside her.

There was absolutely no way that anyone could have left either of these sold out shows in disappointment; even the husbands who were dragged there would have left in amazement. Pink made it worth every penny and every second, she will even have you feeling like you are going through withdrawals for days.


Raise Your Glass
Walk of Shame
Just Like a Pill
U + Ur Hand
Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)
Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)
Just Give Me a Reason
Are We All We Are
The Great Escape
Who Knew (Acoustic)
F**kin’ Perfect
Most Girls / There You Go / You Make Me Sick
Slut Like You
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)


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