On December 3rd, 2013 Pennsylvania heavy rocker’s Halestorm made their way to a jammed packed Opera House in Toronto for a night of pure rock n’ roll with support from Redlight King and Stars In Stereo. Fans of all ages and all rock genre preferences filled the venue as everyone sported a variety of band t’s ranging from Pantera to In Flames, Avanged Sevenfold and Halestorm. That’s exactly what you would expect with Halestorm, their unique and powerful sound will make you a fan, regardless of what kind of “heavy metal” or “radio rock” you are into.

The first band to hit the stage was Los Angeles’ female fronted Stars In Stereo. The band stepped out sounding amazing as they had fans singing and dancing along throughout their entire set. Although the venue was still filling at this point, you could tell that a lot of people made it out early just to catch their set.

Vocalist, Bec Hollcraft sounded amazing as she took us on a ride through her wide range of vocal abilities. Her voice sounded unreal as you couldn’t help but wonder where such a small girl gets so much power from.

Guitarist Jordan McGraw also did an amazing job as he held down the majority of the guitar on his own while Bec only played seldom. Jordan did an awesome job at throwing his energy out among the crowd as he ran all over the stage and engaged the fans.

Up next, the time came for Hamilton “Steel City” locals, Redlight King to take over. These guys offered the full works; we had drum solos, guitar shredding, simultaneous crowd clapping, dancing and amazing energy.  These guys have the potential to be seen on large stadium tours and a sound that will eventually be snatched up by rock radio stations all around North America.

Redlight King played all their fan favorites including their hit “Born To Rise”, “City Life”, “Redemption”, “Every Second Counts” and “Bullet”.

Vocalist Kaz also did a good job at engaging the crowd as he made jokes about our competitive attitude towards Montreal concert crowds and did his own little parody of Trapt’s “Headstrong” after telling the crowd that their bass played originated from that band. Redlight King made for an entertaining performance.

Finally, after the crowd filled and chanted at the top of their lungs, the time came for Halestorm to step out on stage. This being the first time the band has been to Toronto since we saw them open up for Bullet For My Valentine earlier this year. Female vocalist Lzzy Hale was the first one out, she looked ready to rock as fans screamed her name, “I love you Lzzy!” being the main phrase descending from the crowd throughout the entire evening.

Halestorm opened with “Love Bites (So Do I)” off of their latest album The Strange Case Of… (2012 via Atlantic Records). This song won them a Grammy for the Best Hard-Rock/ Metal Performance so it came as no surprise that it was an amazing opener for this show. Fans were going wild.

Drummer Arejay Hale made for a show on his own with his crazy stage antics. There were drum sticks flying everywhere; if he wasn’t throwing them in the crowd or in the air above him then he was playing a game of catch with friends at the side of the stage while performing. Arejay received the award for Drummer of the year at Revolver Magazine’s Golden God’s Awards this year, and he sure as hell deserved it.

“Toronto! This is the part of the night where I kick your asses!” was what he told fans as he went into his five minute long drum solo that consisted; of ginormous drum sticks, insane beats and the use of his hands at one point. This guy was off the chart.

Lzzy Hale definitely shared the spotlight with her insane drumming brother as she stole the show with her incredible voice. The power and strength of her heavenly vocal abilities rushed through everyone’s veins and caused the hair to stand on every orpheus of your body. Lzzy dedicated their song “Daughters Of Darkness” to all the ladies in the room, saying that when she was younger there weren’t many of us females at rock shows so she wanted to write an anthem for all of us.

Altogether, the night was incredible. Halestorm are definitely a must see live band- the amount of talent that is crammed onto one stage is something you need to see to believe.

Halestorm Set-list:

Love Bites (So Do I)

Mz Hyde

It’s Not You

Freak Like Me

You Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing


Don’t Know How To Stop

Daughters of Darkness

Rock Show

Gold Dust Woman

Familiar Taste Of Poison

Drum Solo

Dissident Aggressor

Nothing To Do

I Get Off


Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)

Miss The Misery

Here’s To Us






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