Released: November 21, 2013


The excellent sequel to Mandroid Echostar’s self-titled EP is sure to impress. The opening twang to the release entices immediately in “A Death Marked Dream”. This opening tune builds into the album in a catching way that helps setup the rest of the album. As a whole the album is an adventure with each track flowing seamlessly into the next. The wide variety of intricate guitar riffs offers listeners a unique experience in each song. Lyrically, the album excels and entrances as it improves upon the first album. Interestingly enough, the intro and outro are similar in sound, which provides the feelings of starting and returning.

“Ancient Arrows” and “Ethereal Dawn” are two of the better tracks on the album. They work well in the flow of the album but are both awesome as stand alones as well, which really adds to the albums depth. Both are well-balanced tunes that aren’t too busy, but have lots of pace changes that constantly grasp the listeners attention. The progression in “Ethereal Dawn” really adds a unique sound to the latter portion of the album. Sitting between “The Sleeper” and “Citadels”, which both have intense intros, is a real plus in regards to variety. So many albums lose out because the tracks sound too similar, causing listeners attention to skew. This album offers complexity without becoming overwhelming.

Some may argue that “The Sleeper” doesn’t flow well with the album, as its sound is far different from the other tracks. The intro is way heavier than in other tracks but that’s not really a bad thing. In fact it really jumps out and intensifies the album, adding to the musical journey. It is also one of the most consistent songs on the album both lyrically and instrumentally. They use this consistency really well as it mixes up the sound and engages the listener.

Other notable tracks are “Haunted Vows” and “To The Wolves”. They may not stand out as the best tracks on the album, but they are darn good. They fit in well with the album and flow into each other perfectly.  “Haunted Vows” is a rally face paced tune that engages and build off of “Ancient Arrows”. There is a great deal of variety here that can get lost amidst the other awesome tracks. “To The Wolves” has an awesome use of guitar riffs intertwined with a roller coaster of tempo.

The album plays as an emotional epic full of ups and downs that are sure to amaze. Definitely one of the better releases on the scene right now as it brings a great sound to the table. Overall this is an awesome album and a band worth checking out, they are going places.

Make sure you check them out on Citadels EP Release Tour with Searching For Satellites at the Hard Luck Bar  in Toronto on December 6. Check out our coverage from their amazing London show here! 

Track list:

A Death Marked Dream
Ancient Arrows
Haunted Vows
To The Wolves
The Sleeper
Ethereal Dawn

Make sure you grab a copy of “Citadels” here!

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