Released October 29th, 2013

The latest release from Protest The Hero has a new feel to it with several changes being made. First off since original drummer Moe Carlson left to pursue a career in engineering. His in studio replacement for Volition was Lamb Of Gods Chris Adler. Pretty good temporary replacement for the band who announced that Mike Ieradi will fill the position permanently.

The fact that the album is totally funded by the fans through Indiegogo is just so metal.  An album for the fans by the fans, generally albums like this are incredible. For Protest fans this is huge because it makes them feel apart of it as a contributor to what they want to hear.

The album starts out with the song “Clarity” that’s really one of the better songs on there. It enters in nice and heavy like you would expect from Protest. With guest vocals from Jadea Kelly, the tune changes pace and style throughout, while remaining fluent. Throughout the song they sing, “we are your beginning and we will be your end”, given that the beginning and the end of the album are two of the best songs on the album. “Skies” is the concluding track and starts out at a slower pace but takes no time to start rocking.  With a strong message of overcoming adversity through the highs and lows, it’s the perfect way to end the album. The whole idea of beginning and end allows for the album to play like a story. Protest hits you with some powerful riffs and an even stronger message.

Moving from “Clarity” to “Drumhead Trial” is a smooth transition that really carries the front half of the album. These two tracks grip your attention right from the beginning, making you want to stay. Not that the second half can’t carry it’s own weight. The two opening tracks have a different sound that allows for a real engaging listen.

“Without Prejudice” has the most unique intro on the album like something out of horror film. All of a sudden the bass kicks in and the epic dual guitar riffs kick in to blow your mind. The overall message the song gives off is don’t let wealth run your life. Powerful instrumentals with powerful lyrics generally makes for an incredible track. This track seems to get lost in the mix with all of the other awesome songs, definitely worth a good listen.

Other notable tracks are “Yellow Teeth” and “Mist” that are sure to entertain. Quite frankly, I could write you an essay about how awesome each song is and my admiration for the album as a whole, but I’ll let you find out for yourself. They have a way of just getting you emotionally entangled throughout.

The only issue that could really arise when listening to Volition is that the sound is too consistent. In refute to that claim I’d like to point out how intense the instrumentals are, specifically the incredible guitar riffs throughout. Rody does a fantastic job on vocals as always and is complemented with guest vocals. When it’s all said and done it’s Protest at it’s finest performing solely for the fans.

Check them out at Club Absinthe in Hamilton on December 17, with Salt Of The Chief Cornerstore, Mandroid Echostar and Partycat. Grab your tickets here.

Volition Track List:


Drumhead Trial

Tilting Against Windmills

Without Prejudice

Yellow Teeth

Plato’s Tripartite

A Life Embossed



Animal Bones



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