LOOK OUT FOR! Beware Of Darkness


If you’re a fan of: Stone Temple Pilots, The Pretty Reckless, The Black Keys, Queens Of The Stone Age.

Words by: Jeanette LeBlanc

I first discovered the Los Angeles three-piece rock act Beware Of Darkness at the Molson Canadian Amp in the summer as they were one of the many, many opening acts at Former Metallica member, Dave Mustaine’s Uproar Festival featuring; Megadeath, Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction, Coheed and Cambria + guests.

The first thing that really caught my eye was how young the band looked and how impressive the vocals were, coming from the shy and reserved vocalist who first stepped on stage. Having never heard their music before, I was immediately intrigued- any band that can pull off 3 members is impressive, especially when they do it right.

The next thing I noticed was the diversity of their music. They effortlessly take you on an emotional ride with songs like “Morning Tea”, “All Who Remain”, “Amen Amen”, “Ghost Town” and “Hummingbird”. Their various guitar tones and incorporation of keys, violins and other post production sounds add so much intensity and emotion to their songs. You could easily throw their  latest CD (Orthodox, 2013 via Bright Antenna) on in your car and find yourself driving somewhere, anywhere- and feeling completely at peace and inspired by the heart break and tears you feel deep inside the music. It’s almost like true modern day blues, god knows what they are influenced by but we sure as hell would like to know.

Then they take their songs like “Howl”, “Be My Exorcist”, “Sweet Girl” & “Heart Attack” which are so ridiculously catchy and upbeat while incorporating those heavy riffs and rock n roll influences- that you now think you can take on the world, one dance move at a time.

Orthodox is worth the purchase; it’s the kind of album that you want on vinyl or as a hard copy you can take on any of your journeys. Although they don’t currently have any upcoming tour dates according to their Facebook page; their singer did tell me in the summer that they are working really hard to make it back out this way. So hey! Lets support them and make it happen? Yeah!

Watch their brand new video for “All Who Remain”:

Also check out their video for “Howl”:

Listen to “Orthodox” in it’s entirety on their YouTube Channel:

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