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On December 22, 2013 Marilyn Cruickshank; a loving mother, wife and friend to all passed away peacefully after a long battle with cancer.

Through their difficult time, her husband Steve and two sons Luke and Scott came together to write her story in the best way they knew how- through music.

“Into The Light” shines on the life that Marilyn had and gave to her family.


At this time, in honor of their mother and wife; the Cruickshank family asks you to support them along with Marilyn’s legacy by donating towards “Into The Light”, with FULL proceeds benefiting the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada in Marilyn’s name.

Through our donation page, you are able to donate towards the song at a “pay what you can” donation fee, simply click on the icon below, please direct any questions or concerns to 

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Written by: Steve, Luke & Scott Cruickshank
Performed by: Luke & Scott Cruickshank
Produced by: Dave Sheldon

Battle’s over long time fighting, made my last stand

Spent my days raising my family, putting them first

Loving mother filled with care, she’ll always be there

Forever treasured, we’ll remember

Move into the light x4

Explored the world but found my soul mate, in my small town

Built our new life in the city, away from our home

The good Lord blessed us with our two boys, kept our hearts warm

Forever treasured, we’ll remember

Move into the light x4

Shared her light with those around her, spreading her love

Faith propelled her made her stronger, hope from above

Our broken hearts will mend together, brothers in arms

Love of our life, always forever

Move into the light x5


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