time traveller

Words By: Dylan McAteer

Released: December 17, 2013 via Rise Records

Time Traveller’s Morla and the Red Balloon, this solo album by Cameron Mizell is just a phenomenal release at years end. This comes as no surprise given the star-studded lineup of featuring artists, which includes Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens), Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire) and Tyler Carter (ISSUES).

“Byw” is one of the best songs you will find on this release as it does a great job of amping up the pace. The mix of screaming and clean vocals excites the listener and has you begging for more. Thankfully you get more as it leads you into “Rokit Man (ft. Matty Mullins)”. This marks the middle of the album and by this point you are on the edge of your seat. Mullins brings that kick ass Memphis May Fire element to this one and it just takes it to a whole new level. It really compliments the other talent and adds to the enjoyment.

Personally, I feel that the next track, “Super Alcalina (ft. Tyler Carter)” is the best track, as it stands out yet meshes really well with the album. ISSUES is a band that’s really grown on me lately and Tyler Carter’s performance here is amazing. Along with the genius producing from Mizell, this is one sweet track.

“@CMizell928” is also a great track with clean vocals that rock the ears in a way that really shapes up the album as a whole. It leads into “Salt And Vinegar” perfectly as the album closes out.

The best part of this album is the production aspect; it’s expertly put together and the track order works very well. As the tracks go by the album seems to just keep evolving and changing in a gripping way. Definitely worth a listen, but I guarantee you will want more than just one.

Make sure you catch Memphis May Fire in Toronto at The Opera House on March 10 on The Unconditional Tour. You can check out ISSUES in Toronto at The Sound Academy on February 22 and 23 with Bring Me The Horizon.

Track List:

  1. 500ml (ft. Kellin Quinn)
  2. Byw
  3. Rokit Man (ft. Matty Mullins)
  4. Super Alcalina  (ft. Tyler Carter)
  5. @CMizell928
  6. Salt And Vinegar

Listen to “Super Alcalina feat. Tyler Carter” below:

Also check out our coverage from the last Toronto show Issues performed at with The Devil Wears Prada!

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