OUR WEIGH INS: HEAVY METAL ETIQUETTE “A Guide to the Mosh-pit Playground”


Heavy metal Etiquette – A guide to the mosh-pit playground.

Words by: Alex Woods

The number one thing that goes at just about every metal show is the moshpit… This idea that when the decibel shattering noise of metal  hits your eardrums, a force awakens in your body that forces you into a chaotic, and seemingly primitive ritual. Some pits are started in mid song when the tempo surrounds itself with haste, and then some pits are started by a distorted orchestra, commanding legions of metal divide themselves against opposing walls, and run into each other frantically.

When stepping into the mosh pit, it’s nice to well…Not really “step” into the moshpit, rather just throw yourself into the hurricane of humans with the grace of your legs steering you in all directions. But oh, you see a fellow soldier on the ground?  Maybe he tripped and fell, or got knocked flat on his ass. Either way, he could sure use a hand from above to thrust him back into the storm. You should always help out a fallen metalhead during a moshpit frenzy if you’re physically able to, or have an easy opportunity to do so. I have seen people fall hard on the floor, and then out of nowhere, 2 or 3 metal comrades are lifting that person right up. I have also fallen flat on my ass, or face from the dreaded moshpit. Then almost immediately, I would find myself in the valor of some sweaty, long haired grease monkey, launching me back into the pit. I was once even saved by a lady, who dared to brave the mosh pit amongst manly figures.

Wait, a lady in the moshpit? Let’s face it, you can usually find more men than women at a typical metal show. But of course our better halves may want to have a taste of the ol acid waltz once in awhile, right? This is no need turn yourself into a feather pillow in the pit and treat her like your grandmothers china dining set. She came in there for a reason: To test the grounds, and to match you in physical energy.

Throwing mere spectators of the pit into the mix is a horrible idea. These are the ones surrounding the pit, and the people behind those. While it may be fun to throw an unsuspecting fan into this greasy human carnival, this should be avoided. These people may not possess the correct amount of energy your fellow mosher will have, maybe they’re pregnant? Possibly they are drunker than a fresh scab that had rubbing alcohol poured on it? Either way, they aren’t in the pit for a reason. Let them watch from a distance, and froth over the band they are watching.

If walking on the ground wasn’t enough, now we want to be carried by hands
. Crowd surfing seems like a great way to be carried in the air while your favourite metal tune is being performed. Or maybe you just feel like having every square inch of your body groped by random, sweaty hands. Regardless, it’s a great way to go surfing without the fear of sharks in mind.

Hopefully these tips will serve well to those fresh into the scene, and a small reminder to veterans alike.  Cheers!

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