Words By: Dylan McAteer

Released: January 28, 2014 via Rise Records

Of Mice & Men’s new release, Restoring Force, is one of the first big releases of the year. It kicks off with an in your face angry track in “Public Service Announcement”. The opening guitar riff really hammers energy into the album, pulling you right in to the music. The big entrance is an awesome way to start an album, as it takes no time to impress.

“Feels Like Forever” changes up the tone with a smooth balance of clean vocals and screams. This track really gives off a soothing vibe that carries you in a little bit deeper. Up next is one of the better tracks on the album; it’s called “Bones Exposed.” Songs with a nice big scream at the start really fire you up and that’s just what this does. The song is very hardcore yet flows from screaming to clean vocals and back very easily. Opening up this album, you can feel a continuous force. The whole idea behind the album hits you early on and grows with every track.

To start the second half of the album we have “Another You” which is a track that escalates in pace.  This is a very different track on the album but in a really awesome way. It adds variety and depth to the album, which gets you jamming. Picking up the pace “Break Free” comes blasting in with some great screams from lead singer Austin Carlile, The Instrumentals are right there to match the powerful vocals making for one fiery tune.

Closing out the album is “Space Enough To Grow”, which slows down the energy as it lets you off the ride. The overwhelming message of growth on this track really captures the idea of the band growing. Of Mice & Men have really grown and altered there sound on this album. “Restoring Force” has a very unique sound that takes them to a new level. They’ve been able to take what made them great and improve upon it in away that is surprising and impressive.

Snag your own copy of the album here!

Restoring Force Tracks:

  1. Public Service Announcement
  2. Feels Like Forever
  3. Bones Exposed
  4. Would You Still Be There
  5. Glass Hearts
  6. Another You
  7. Break Free
  8. You Make Me Sick
  9. Identity Disorder
  10. You’re Not Alone
  11. Space Enough To Grow





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