On February 3rd, 2014; Canada’s proudly brewed and grown Barenaked Ladies made their way to the General Motors Centre in Oshawa for an incredible night to be remembered by all; with support from Ladies of the Canyon & Clara Venice.

The audience was warmly greeted by Barenaked Ladies’ guitar/keys/accordion member Kevin Hearn, who introduced the first act Clara Venice- a Toronto local. We later learned that Hearn appears on Clara’s latest release Love Riddle, and also helped her produce it.

Clara’s performance was unlike any other performance you’ve seen before. Her wardrobe represented that of her creative sounds- unique and futuristic. Clara’s main instrument of the night included her theremin; which is a harmonic ring of emotional cries, played without actually touching it. Clara’s other instruments included; guitars, ukulele, laptop and an omnichord. Her bubbly personality and adorable smile made Clara an extremely lovable and entertaining opener.

Up next, the Ladies Of the Canyon took over. Herding from Montreal, Oshawa owes a big thank-you to whomever resurrected these 1970’s rock n roll goddesses from their time capsule. It came as no surprise when the ladies shared their influences with the crowd saying they were raised listening to; Fleetwood Mac, Heart and Led Zeppelin. These girls were flawless and incredible.

The Ladies of the Canyon held your interest throughout their entire performance  but especially pulled you in when they ended their set with their song “People in the Sun” that they wrote as a voice for all of the first nations woman who have been abused and lost. At this point drummer Tara Martin demonstrated her multi-talented abilities as she stepped out with a guitar and sang. Each member of the band proved themselves to be strong and talented performers individually and as a whole. Their latest album Diamond Heart is a MUST BUY- grab yourself a copy on iTunes here.

Finally after feeling like the show couldn’t get any better, the time came for the Barenaked Ladies to take over. The crowd immediately screamed and sang their hearts out as they opened with “Limits”.

During their performance, we learned that the band has been together for 25 years. This fact would blow anyone’s mind just by seeing how much fun the band was having with each other on stage. They performed their entire set with no signs of being burnt out- they had the biggest smiles on their faces and looked like they truly were having the time of their lives.

Throughout their set the band would stop to make hilarious jokes about throat coloscopy’s, sports teams, old people, sandwiches and they would incorporate funny raps and remixes into some of their songs. This lead us to feel like we were getting a 2 for 1 show with an amazing concert and extremely engaging stand-up comedy act.

When the time came for the Barenaked Ladies to perform a new song off of their latest release Grinning Streak via Vanguard Records; singer Ed Robertson told the crowd that he wanted everyone to sing along with him to “Gonna Walk”. Ed said he didn’t want anyone to go home with any regrets if they failed to do so, this seemed to work as there was not a quiet voice in the crowd.

When the time came for the band to end their set, they performed an extremely fun mash-up of current top 40 pop by other artists songs including; “Roar”, “Royals”, “Wake Me Up”, and oldies like “Eye Of The Tiger”, “Crazy Frog”, “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” and “Whole Lotta Love”.

The Barenaked Ladies made Canada proud and proved that they are a legendary and inspirational band for other musicians out there. They know how to rock a stadium and make everyone feel like they are a part of something great.

Barenaked Ladies Setlist:

Never is Enough
Pinch Me
Gonna Walk
Light Up My Room
Keep it Real
I Can Sing
Blame It
Did I Say That
Odds Are
Big Bang Theme Song
One Week
If I Had a Million Dollars


Whole Lotta Love




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