for today

Words By: Dylan McAteer

Released: February 4, 2014 via Razor and Tie

The fifth full-length studio album from For Today is a prime example of the power of music.  The album, Fight The Silence, carries a meaningful message in hope of changing the lives of thousands. After seeing the effects of human trafficking, front man Mattie Montgomery wanted to raise awareness through music.

The band is donating a portion of proceeds from the album and their current tour to the A21 Campaign in hopes of stopping human trafficking.

This is arguably the best work that the band has released to date. Lyrically moving, backed with incredible instrumentals and touching themes. Don’t start thinking that this is a soft, whiney work of art because it packs a punch.  It’s very in your face and edgy as they hammer home their message.

“Molotov” sparks the opening of the album with a pretty cool lead in that starts out quiet until Montgomery comes blasting in! The great thing about this track is that it is such a tone setter. You get a good feel for the album and its message that just gets you amped up. It’s really awesome how the start of the album calls for destruction and burning everything down in order to start new. The whole idea of destroying to create really starts a fire in your heart.

Next we have “Fight The Silence” followed by “Pariah”, which brings us some impressive guitar riffs. The speed keeps consistent from the opening as the energy continues to build. They bring about the idea of rising up for justice and the importance of being a leader. In case it isn’t clear yet, there are some great messages to be found on this album along with some terrific jams.

“For The Fallen” is one of the better songs on the album, with its intricate guitar riffs and fiery vocals. This is a more relaxed and inviting song as opposed to the angrier tracks on the first half of the album. “Fatherless” is another song that really gets you going, it’s very well done vocally. It brings back the anger and intensity of the album.

Closing out the album is “Hated By The World”, which hammers home the overall message. Good song choice here as it ends with a lot of energy that leaves you feeling ready to fight. Overall is just phenomenal in every way, an album with such a powerful message couldn’t fail. The track order is great as it’s well balanced with changes in tempo. Job well done!

You can catch For Today with Like Moths To Flames, Stray From The Path, The Plot In You and Fit For A King at the 794 Bathurst in Toronto on February 11.

Fight The Silence Tracks:

  1. Molotov
  2. Fight The Silence
  3. Pariah
  4. Reflections
  5. Break The Cycle (Ft. Matty Mullins)
  6. A Call To Arms
  7. For The Fallen
  8. Fatherless
  9. Dead To Rights
  10. One Voice
  11. Resonate
  12. Hated By The World

Watch the video for “Fight The Silence”:

Listen to “Pariah”:


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