#TheHeavyPressContests: WE ARE THE IN CROWD + GUESTS | Virgin Mobile MOD Club, Toronto


In Partnership with Live Nation:

The Heavy Press wants to hook you and a friend up with tickets to see We Are The In Crowd with William Beckett, Set It Off, Candy Hearts & State Champs at the Virgin Mobile MOD Club in Toronto on Sunday February 23rd. 

What do I have to do, you ask? It’s easy we tell ya!

Step 1:

Head on over to your old Twitter account and make sure you’re following @TheHeavyPress

Step 2:

Tweet us @TheHeavyPress hashtagging #TheHeavyPressContests and telling us what you want to hear from any of the bands.

ex. “@TheHeavyPress I want to hear WATIC play “Rumor Mill” ! #TheHeavyPressContests

Step 3:

There is no step 3, it’s that easy! Just make sure you execute the last two steps properly and you will be entered! The winner will be randomly selected.


Check out We Are The In Crowd’s video for “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”:

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