On the weekend of February 22-23rd, the American Dream Tour made it’s highly impressionable SOLD-OUT stop at the Sound Academy in Toronto. The mighty and powerful tour contained some of the biggest names out there in heavy music right now; Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice & Men, with support from Issues and Northlane. All in all, this weekend will be one for the books for all who made it out.

On Saturday February 22nd; Australia’s Northlane were the first to take over the over-zealous crowd as they continued to poor through the doors. The band sounded incredible and judging by the amount of fans screaming and singing along- especially during their performance of “Quantum Flux”, a lot of people were stoked to see them on the line-up. Northlane’s heavy and intense performance definitely foreshadowed the insanity that the rest of the show had in store.

Up next, the time came for LA’s Issues to take over.  This marked their first Toronto performance since the release of Issues on February 18th via Rise Records (Check out our album review here). Fans cheered them on as they played new and old music. Their energy and stage presence was strong as their dual vocalists interacted with the crowd.

When the time came for Of Mice & Men to hit the stage, the venue seemed like it could not fit another body inside it’s doors. Vocalist Austin Carlile stepped out and the crowd squealed and roared as they kicked off their set with “Bones Exposed”. Of Mice & Men sounded powerful and had the floors and walls shaking.

The band played all of their fan-favorites, including new tracks off of their latest release Restoring Force January 28th via Rise Records (Check out our album review here).  Their set-list included: “Let Live”, “O.G LOKO”, “Would You Still Be There”, “Product Of a Murderer”, “Still YDG’n”, “The Flood”, “You’re Not Alone” & “The Depths”. Of Mice & Men had fans begging for an encore at the end of their set.

Finally, the time came for Bring Me The Horizon to take the reigns. You could feel all of the 15 year old hearts breaking and melting as vocalist Oliver Sykes stepped on stage. The band opened with “Can You Feel My Heart” off of their latest release Sempiternal via Epitaph Records. Their opening was incredible and sent a rush of adrenaline through the entire crowd. There was confetti and shoes flying all over the place.

Throughout BMTH’s set, there was never a moment when hundreds of fans weren’t singing along word for word. At one point, Bring Me The Horizon managed to get majority of the audience down on one knee- this is something Toronto hasn’t seen since Of Mice & Men made it happen last February. The intense build-up made it look and feel incredible when everyone jumped in excitement at the same moment.

The Toronto American Dream Tour stops will definitely be remembered by all who attended. Everything went off flawlessly and the mood and vibes throughout the crowd left you feeling stoked while you tried to go to sleep that night with live versions of the songs stuck in your head. All of these bands are must see live acts that you will definitely need to keep an eye out for.

BMTH Set-list:

Can You Feel My Heart
Shadow Mosses
Diamonds Aren’t Forever
House Of Wolves
Go To Hell, For Heavens Sake
And The Snakes Start To Sing
Empire (Let Them Sing)
It Never Ends
Chelsea Smile





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