On the evening of February 27, 2014, Intervals’ album release party took place at Sneaky Dee’s with support from Sky Written, We’re Doomed, and Auras. Despite the fact that two other shows in the city were taking part in the same night, (Chiodos played at The Opera House and Zakk Wylde at the Danforth Music Hall) Sneaky Dee’s was filled with fans of all ages to show their support for the locals.

The first local band to start the night was Sky Written, hailing from Waterloo/Kitchener. They previously played their very first sold out show in Waterloo with Mandroid Echostar and Skynet and on this night, they played yet another  sold out show- which was very impressive. Their set list consisted of songs from their EP, Thrive. Sky Written seemed fairly new to a lot of people, but it left a great impression on them. After their set ended, fans were left satisfied and bought their Thrive EP at the merch table. This is a local band worth looking out for. With two sold out shows in a row, it definitely says something about the band.

Up next, We’re Doomed took the stage. I wasn’t quite familiar with this band, but let me tell you, these guys know how to own the stage.  Although the night was filled with progressive metal, We’re Doomed was a mix of post-hardcore and prog. Their energetic and fun performance made me enjoy their set and I could tell that the trio was having the time of their lives. Without a doubt, give their EP; How To Destroy Something Beautiful, a good listen. Your ears will be pleased.

The second last band to play was Auras, from Waterloo, Ontario. The last time I had seen Auras was when they opened up for Periphery at The Opera House. They had incredible energy and vocalist, Eric Almeida, brought his powerful vocals along. On this night, Auras brought the same intense energy again and a mosh pit exploded in the first song at the front of the stage. The vocals, drums and guitars packed a punch and they never leave me disappointed. If you haven’t heard of Auras before, then you are definitely missing out. Their EP, Panacea, is worth every penny.

Last but not least, Toronto’s very own Intervals took the night away. Intervals played a combination of old songs from their previous EP, In Time, and new ones from A Voice Within. In Time is originally an instrumental EP and I noticed that vocalist, Mike Semesky added vocals to it. Whether the fans knew the words to the songs or not, they all clapped along in unison. I’ve been hearing a lot of positive and negative reviews in the metal community on the addition of a vocalist to an instrumental band but regardless if you are a fan of Intervals, you gotta admit, Mike Semesky has one of the most incredible pipes in the scene right now.

The turnout for the night was amazing. Fans bought EPs and shirts from all the bands and fans from all over Ontario came down to show their love and support for Intervals and the supporting bands. While observing the crowd, I noticed a young fan, about 8 years old, with his older brother and mother- that wasn’t something you see very often at shows and it was very heartwarming to witness. That’s parenting done right!

Intervals recently got back from their European tour supporting Protest the Hero, Tesseract and The Safety Fire and they are set to go off on another tour in North America with Protest the Hero, Battlecross, The Safety Fire and Night Verses. The hometown CD release show was a heartwarming “welcome back” and a “see you again soon” as they go off tour the following day. Intervals are exploding in the music scene and their tour with PTH is a tour you do not want to miss out on.

More dates here:

Protest the Hero/Battlecross/The Safety Fire/Intervals/Night Verses:

03/01 – Buffalo, N.Y. – THE WAITING ROOM
03/02 – Cincinnati, Ohio – BOGARTS
03/03 – Grand Rapids, Mich. – THE STACHE @ THE INTERSECTION
03/04 – Des Moines, Iowa – WOOLYS
03/05 – Minneapolis, Minn. – GARAGE YOUTH CENTER
03/07 – Milwaukee, Wis. – THE EAGLES HALL @ RAVE
03/08 – Joliet, Ill. – MOJOES
03/09 – Lincoln, Neb. – BOURBON THEATER
03/10 – Ft. Collin, Colo. – AGGIE THEATER
03/11 – Grand Junction, Colo. – MESA
03/12 – Salt Lake City, Utah – URBAN LOUNGE
03/14 – Spokane, Wash. – THE HOP
03/15 – Boise, Idaho – KNITTING FACTORY
03/16 – Reno, Nev. – KNITTING FACTORY
03/17 – Sacramento, Calif. – ASSEMBLY
03/18 – Anaheim, Calif. – HOUSE OF BLUES
03/19 – Tucson, Ariz. – 191 TOOLE (SKRAPPYS)
03/21 – Lubbock, Texas – JAKES BACKROOM
03/22 – Austin, Texas – RED 7
03/23 – Little Rock, Ark. – JUANITAS
03/24 – Baton Rouge, La. – VARSITY THEATER
03/26 – Tampa, Fla. – STATE THEATER
03/27 – Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. – CULTURE ROOM
03/28 – Jacksonville, Fla. – JACK RABBITS
03/29 – Wilmington, N.C. – ZIGGYS BY THE SEA
03/30 – Raleigh, N.C. – LINCOLN THEATER
04/01 – Charlotte, N.C. – TREMONT MUSIC HALL
04/02 – Washington, D.C. – ROCK & ROLL HOTEL
04/03 – Hartford, Conn. – WEBSTER THEATER
04/04 – Rochester, N.Y. – MONTAGE MUSIC HALL
04/05 – Cambridge, Mass. – THE MIDDLE EAST (DOWNSTAIRS)
04/06 – Amityville N.Y. – REVOLUTION

Protest the Hero/Intervals/Motorleague:

04/08 – Moncton, New Brunswick – THE OC NIGHTCLUB
04/09 – Halifax, Nova Scotia – THE PAVILION
04/10 – Halifax, Nova Scotia – THE MARQUEE
04/11 – Fredericton, New Brunswick – LAVA VODKA BAR
04/12 – Quebec City, Quebec – DAGOBERT
04/14 – Laval, Quebec – STUDIO THEATRE
04/15 – Cornwall, Ontario – VU NIGHT SPOT
04/16 – St. Catharines, Ontario – MICHUN NIGHTCLUB
04/17 – London, Ontario – LONDON MUSIC HALL
04/18 – Windsor, Ontario – THE DOMINION HOUSE
04/19 – Guelph, Ontario – VINYL

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