Words by: Hunter Foley

Release Date: March 4th, 2014 via Victory Records and Distort Records

Comeback Kid have returned with the debut of their 5th studio album, Die Knowing. A dedicated, respectable band who puts the fans first, they have delivered exactly what they had promised. This album is sure to be a crowd pleaser for fans new and old, featuring their heaviest material yet. These Canadian hardcore heroes have dedicated their time and effort to create a jolting, gripping album that has everything fans have come to expect, as well as plenty of brand new material that will leave even the most dedicated fan amazed. Unlike pervious albums, Die Knowing has been focused on a brisk, abrasive, simpler sound, directly translating the energy and raw power they bring to their live set. A very successful translation I might add, as this album leaves you fidgeting in your seat, itching to get up and start throwing down (or at least start banging your head). The feeling of being at a live show from listening to a record is a rare achievement few bands can pull off. Comeback Kid makes it seem effortless, as you can feel the obvious passion and energy in each track. The album opens with a sludgy, creeping guitar riff courtesy of title track “Die Knowing”, introducing a slow beat, later incorporating the remaining instruments/vocals. Clocking in just over the 2 minute mark, the song is over before it even began. Short as it may be, it sets the tone for the rest of this heavy hitting record perfectly, giving the listener only a matter of seconds to reflect before “Lower the Line” truly kick starts the album into high gear. The single “Should Know Better” is definitely a showcase of the bands talent. Featuring some of the best riffs on the album, a meaty bass line, and a beat that will not allow you to stay still, this is a personal favourite that is sure to get you on your feet. Not to mention a fun, welcoming chorus to belt out and chant along to, leaving you with a serious desire to see this band live. While each song is as good as the last, this album features some phenomenal guest vocals, courtesy of Poli Correia (Devil In Me) on “Losing Sleep”, and original frontman Scott Wade on “Full Swing”. The level of excitement this album provides is consistent throughout, where “Unconditional” provides a small change of pace. A heavy, heart felt powerhouse of a song that is sure to please and stand out to older Comeback Kid fans. The album ends on a strong note with “Sink In”, leaving the listener craving more. As always, fans can expect an array of emotional lyrical content, from self motivation and belief, growing and learning, to following your own path. You can’t listen to this album without feeling at least a bit empowered by the end. Although a slightly repetitive album without much room for progression or growth, Comeback Kid doesn’t fail to deliver an extremely entertaining album for old school fans of the genre, as well as those new to the scene. After 14 years of working toward a sound to call their own, Comeback Kid has produced what might be their best album to date. Die Knowing is sure to be an instant hardcore classic.

Listen to “Should Know Better”:

Listen to “Wasted Arrows”:

Comeback Kid starts off their North American tour with Backtrack, Xiabalba, Downpresser, and To The Wind March 2nd in Nashville, TN, ending May 23rd in Vancouver, BC. “Die Knowing” Tracks: 1. Die Knowing 2. Lower the Line 3. Wasted Arrows 4. Losing Sleep (ft. Poli Correia) 5. Should Know Better 6. I Depend, I Control 7. Somewhere In This Miserable… 8. Beyond 9. Unconditional 10. Didn’t Even Mind 11. Full Swing (ft. Scott Wade) 12. Sink In Standout Tracks: Lower the Line, Wasted Arrows, Should Know Better, Unconditional, Sink In For Fans Of: Stray From The Path, Terror, Backtrack

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