On the evening of March 28, Between the Buried and Me, with support from Deafheaven, Intronaut, and The Kindred played a full house at the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto.

The first band to open up the night was Ottawa’s, The Kindred. The venue was slowly getting filled up but they managed to catch the band’s set just on time. The Kindred sounded incredible from start to finish and vocalist, David Journeaux’s, powerful vocals were on point. Unfortunately, The Kindred’s original drummer, Mike Leradi was not present at the show. He’s currently the drummer for Protest the Hero and they are out on tour with Intervals and Battlecross. For the night, Matt from Mandroid Echostar filled in on drums. The band played “Heritage”, off their new album, Life In Lucidity, as their last song.

Journeaux jumped down from the stage and began singing with the crowd. Fans sang and chanted along with Journeaux, which created an incredible and intimate moment. Formerly known as Today I Caught the Plague in their old days, this band is going places and heading in a great direction musically. They have toured with big names such as The Faceless, Architects, Protest the Hero, Within the Ruins and Rings of Saturn, just to name a few. The Kindred have definitely made their country and I proud.

Intronaut, from Los Angeles, was up next. Previously seen on tour with Tesseract, Cult of Luna, and Katatonia last September, these guys are back. I cannot stress enough how flawless their set was. Every note they played hit all the right parts and the bass lines were unbelievably smooth. Since they are a progressive metal band that’s influenced by jazz, the music Intronaut plays isn’t necessarily the type you could mosh or crowd surf to, but more of a “kick back, relax, and have a beer or two” type of music. Intronaut is known for bringing in their own smoke machine and lighting. The effects accompanied the music and I was so captivated by the performance overall. I, along with other fans, felt as though we were being taken to a different world. Fans had their heads bobbing, had a drink in their hand and let the music submerge through. Intronaut’s set was super enjoyable and relaxing to experience.

The third band to take the stage was Deafheaven, from San Francisco. Deafheaven has been making huge waves in the metal scene with their newest album, Sunbather, and it topped the charts as one of the best albums of the year. Sunbather is a mix of death metal and shoegaze and I gotta be honest, however, it took me some time to get used to Sunbather but after a few more listens, I fell in love with album and having the opportunity to see Deafheaven was something else. It was such a mesmerizing experience to watch the band perform the album live and everyone in the room was left in complete awe. Deafheaven sounded massive and packed a punch. People crowd surfed and a mosh pit broke loose during the set. As I observed the show from the balcony, I was pleased to see that the venue was completely filled and what pleased me even more was when frontman, George Clark, mentioned that it was Deafheaven’s first time playing in Toronto. It was a magnificent turnout for the band. Deafheaven finally finished off their set by playing an old song from their previous album, Roads To Judah. Without a doubt, Deafheaven is a band you gotta check out. They will sweep you off your feet.

Lastly, the mighty BTBAM took the stage. Between the Buried and Me have been in the scene for years and they never leave fans disappointed. BTBAM played their latest album, The Parallax II: Future Sequence, in its entirety and fans were ecstatic. Bodies were flying and everyone sang along. The vocals, guitars, bass and drums were all impeccable. BTBAM gave it their all by playing the entire album straight through, with little to no breaks in between. The transition to the next song was remarkably smooth and sometimes I even forgot that they moved on to the next song. I was so captivated by their performance that I’m sure many people around me were as well. BTBAM had their own projections and lighting that added for a great effect and the projections were something you would see in your iTunes or Windows Media Players’ visualizers. Many fans participated in the mosh and circle pit, and bodies flew everywhere during the set. Fans then cheered for an encore and BTBAM got back on stage to close the night and played an oldie, “Sun of Nothing”, from their 2007 album, Colors.

All in all, this was one of the most incredible tours I have had the privilege of experiencing this year. Every single band on this tour is top-notch and every performance was flawless on this night. This is a tour you do not want to miss out and I highly recommend it. Without a doubt, check out the tour when it hits your city.





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