intervals album

Words By: Dylan McAteer

Released: March 4, 2014

The day has come for Intervals to release their first full-length studio album titled A Voice Within. The huge question leading into this release was how would the band handle the addition of vocals? There isn’t a simple one-word answer to that question. After jamming to this on repeat as often as possible, I have to say that this is absolutely stunning.

My first encounter with Intervals came shortly after the release of In Time and was an instant fan. Seeing them live was something else when they opened for Structures but this was all unbelievable instrumentals. Mike Semesky has set down the bass and picked up the mic.  After much writing and experimentation, the band began down a new path.

The album opens with “Ephemeral” making a heavy melodic entrance. The riffs found here are sublime and raise the excitement level right from the start. When the vocals chime in, your mind just blows. Discovering the new potential of the band within minutes of pushing play is brilliant. The mysterious title of the album has its secret exposed at full blast for the first time.

“The Escape” sits in the middle of the track list as it powers deeper into this musical journey.  The heavy instrumentals and soothing vocals work in seamless unity. Changing the tempo mid song comes a softer side of the album. I find that this captures the full weight of the band’s artistic creativity. The voice within is escaping the borders that have been set before them. People are too quick to set barriers and restrict, especially when it comes to instrumental bands.  The tune amps up again to close it out, making you feel the energy of their escape.

Another stand out track can be found in “Siren Sound”, which is a perfect lead into the concluding track, “A Voice Within”. The intro has this epic go to war quality about it with some intense vocals. Very good execution of just how perfectly their guitars work in harmony.

It would have been very difficult not to set the bar high for Intervals based on what they’ve already produced. I have to say that they didn’t just meet it but blasted through it. Very impressive and you will feel fortunate to have gone down this musical path with them.

You can catch Intervals with Protest The Hero and Motorleague in Guelph on April 19 @ Vinyl.  

A Voice Within Track List:

  1. Ephemeral
  2. Moment Marauder
  3. Automaton
  4. The Self Surrendered
  5. Breathe
  6. The Escape
  7. Atlas Hour
  8. Siren Sound
  9. A Voice Within

Listen to “Ephemeral” here via YouTube:

Listen to “The Escape” here via YouTube:


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