Abandon All Ships set sail to their cross Canada tour sporting their newly released full length called Malocchio which was released February 11, 2014 (Check out our album review here). The second show of the tour presented by Anchorshop, landed at the Mod Club in Toronto with current tour mates Palisades (Rise Records) and Hamilton, Ontario’s Skynet (Underground Operations).  Locals opening from in and around the area were also Partycat and Constellations.

Constellations initiated the pace for the night’s dawning opening with “Coward” from their recently released EP Death to Us featuring Alex Leech of Sleep When You’re Dead; unfortunately not in attendance but the duo can hopefully be expected as both bands are apart of Durham College’s Reel MusSic Festival on April 5. To physically experience their improvement from their live performances to their EPs, it’s evident that they are in this for the right reasons and continue to reach new audiences whatever city they play in.

Partycat playing in their hometown for the evening continued along with the hardcore vibe making things a little groovier. Whilst in conversation with strangers from the show their touch of a southern hardcore sound was brought up in discussions around me much similar to the likes of Every Time I Die. I love the sound of this band and what they offer live. If any of you had the opportunity to see Shortline Hero while they were in their prime and still active, this band reminds me of those show days in 2008-2009. It’s a sound I feel that isn’t as common as it used to be but for me in 2014 it’s much more appreciated because you don’t see bands generating that sound or pulling it off. Partycat capitalizes on what they do refining it to their own. Also by making things fun and throwing free shirts into the crowd, I mean who doesn’t like that right?

Up next was Skynet who had played in their hometown of Hamilton, ON previously to the stop in Toronto. These guys can also be found on the same bill as Constellations and Sleep When You’re Dead headlining the Reel Music Festival in Oshawa next month. Talk of the town this night was lead vocalist Blake Louis Prince’s choice of attire; hot pink neon tights accented with outlined hearts. For such a powerhouse it was an amusing chuckle despite if there was reasoning behind them.

Palisades has always been one of those “I’ve heard of their name, but I don’t actually know what they sound like” band for me. Most likely because they are on Rise Records and I enjoy a lot of those bands, so quite honestly I was in for a surprise. Turns out conjoining Palisades and Abandon All Ships made a lot of sense to me because their intro was straight techno pop-like house music. Although this isn’t my preferred taste in music it was a really fun atmosphere when you feel like you can have those 20-second dance breaks but switch back over to metal.

Okay, in conclusion I’ve spent too much time feeding what has happened before the headliners so I’ll finish on a quote note.

Abandon All Ships sounded rawer than I have ever heard them before removing the heavy auto-tune cleans like what I remembered them to be. They are another one of those bands that those of us living in Toronto and the GTA have seen play small local corners to being highly successful. A lot of nostalgia hit me that night and it’s more humbling to know that it’s because of bands coming from your own city.







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