Words By: Dylan McAteer

Released: March 11, 2014 via New Damage Records

Architects have put out arguably the best release of 2014 thus far with Lost Forever//Lost Together. Definitely one of those releases that you circle on your calendar months in advance and die of excitement for as time goes by. You should be animated over this one; it exceeds expectation by delivering everything you could want.

I’ve often felt that Architects is a band that flies under the radar and seemingly goes unnoticed. That’s just wrong, their talent and creativity matches that of any big name band. It’s just baffling how underrated these guys are, especially after the release of Daybreaker in 2012.

“Naysayer” has the rhythmic guitar entwined with the amazing vocals of Sam Carter, which rocks your world. This is a really uplifting track speaking of how sick the band is of people giving up. Basically the overall message is that without belief there is no hope. Songs with a powerful message are always going to hit hard and that’s exactly what you want from this release.  The raw intensity found here really sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The epic entrance to “Broken Cross” starts a fire in your belly that will have you jamming out way too publicly. Nothing wrong with some screams or air guitar on the street though, so rock on! As a whole, this track is expertly composed down to the last note. People often can’t fully appreciate the difficulty of mixing your tracks so that they flow in flawless unison. That’s exactly what Architects have mastered in this work, every aspect works together in a way that resonates with the ear.

“Red Hypergiant” is a piece that really grabs my attention because it really hammers home the whole message of the album. I love songs that use groundbreaking quotes that make you think and question. “Red Hypergiant” is a large mass and luminosity, which loses mass at an accelerated rate and is frequently red. They use a Carl Sagan quote, which reads as follows:

“The old appeals to racial, sexual, and religious chauvinism, and to rabid nationalist fervor are beginning not to work. A new consciousness is developing which sees the Earth as a single organism, and recognizes that an organism at war with itself is doomed. We are one planet.”

Quite frankly I could write you a ten-page essay on how incredible this album is, but I have limited space. I can’t say enough about these guys and the power of the work they put forward. Sadly, sometimes words just aren’t enough, especially when you’re trying to capture musical expression.


Lost Forever//Lost Together Track List:

  1. Gravedigger
  2. Naysayer
  3. Broken Cross
  4. The Devil Is Near
  5. Dead Man Talking
  6. Red Hypergiant
  7. C.A.N.C.E.R.
  8. Colony Collapse
  9. Castles In The Air
  10. Youth Is Wasted On The Young
  11. The Distant Blue

Listen to “Naysayer” via YouTube:

Listen to “Broken Cross: via YouTube:

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