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After much anticipation, the time has finally come for Taking Back Sunday’s release of Happiness Is (available here on Itunes). After working on the album for the past 2 years, and having no involvement with any labels- the band hit the studio with producers Marc Jacob Hudson (Saves The Day, The Swellers) and Mike Sapone (Brand New, O’Brother). With the inner workings and influences offered from both of these punk rockers, you know its going to be a good one.

Happiness Is gets right to it with  an opening”Preface” that incorporates a series of violins and peaceful cries that seamlessly burst into “Flicker, Fade”. By this point you are sucked right in and feeling the heavy emotions this album has to offer. “Flicker Fade” brings fans back to that true Taking Back Sunday sound the second you hear Adam Lazzara’s notorious pipes.

This is the group’s second release since they brought back the classic lineup of vocalist Adam Lazzara, guitarist/vocalist John Nolan, guitarist Eddie Reyes, bassist Shaun Cooper and drummer Mark O’Connell. 

“Stood A Chance” is that upbeat and fun hit that you know will be a crowd-pleaser on their upcoming tour. “It Takes More” slows things down while it shares a story and leaves you feeling inspired, loved and lost at the same time. Lazzara incorporates his blood pumping cries that suck you in and melt your heart.

“We Were Younger Then” is a mysterious and blissful track that incorporates modernized and exciting sounds with the same TBS vibes fans love. The intensity and passion the violins have to offer throughout the album keep you engaged and emotional.

“They Don’t Have Any Friends” takes things back in time. Having stayed true to their sound, the riffin’ and beats have that old school punk rock sound that helped influence their era and allowed fans to fall in love with back in the day.

“Nothing At All” makes a perfect acoustic ending to this real and inspiring album; it takes all of the emotions you experienced during the ride and summarizes them into a mellow and harmonizing vibe that will have you walking away feeling refreshed and like you’ve just embarked on an incredible journey.

Whether Taking Back Sunday is a band you’ve never heard before, or they are a band you grew up listening to; Happiness Is, is ready to impress music lovers of all generations and genres. It’s radio friendly and unique at the same time.

Let’s hope you are one of the lucky one’s who already snagged your tickets to Taking Back Sunday’s SOLD OUT Toronto show with The UsedTonight Alive and Sleepwave on April 8th at the Kool Haus. This is the only Canadian stop on this North American Tour, stoked!

Happiness Is Tracks:


Flicker, Fade

Stood A Chance

All The Way

Beat Up Car

It Takes More

They Don’t Have Any Friends

Better Homes And Gardens

Like You Do

We Were Younger Then

Nothing At All

Watch the video for “Stood A Chance“:

Watch the video for “Flicker Fade”:

North American Tour Dates:

3/18    Marquee Theatre                                        Phoenix, AZ – SOLD OUT

3/19    Palladium                                                     Los Angeles, CA

3/21    In The Venue                                               Salt Lake City, UT

3/22    In The Venue                                               Salt Lake City, UT

3/23    Knitting Factory                                            Boise, ID

3/25    Warfield                                                        San Francisco, CA

3/27    Palladium                                                     Los Angeles, CA – SOLD OUT

3/28    House of Blues                                            San Diego, CA – SOLD OUT

3/29    Extreme Thing                                             Las Vegas, NV

3/30    Sunshine Theater *                                     Albuquerque, NM

4/1      Ogden Theatre                                            Denver, CO – SOLD OUT

4/2      Sokol                                                            Omaha, NE – SOLD OUT

4/4      Eagles Ballroom                                         Milwaukee, WI

4/5      Concord Music Hall                                    Chicago, IL – SOLD OUT

4/6      Fillmore                                                        Detroit, MI – SOLD OUT

4/8      Kool Haus                                                    Toronto, ON – SOLD OUT

4/9      The Armory                                                  Rochester, NY

4/10    The Chance *                                              Poughkeepsie, NY

4/11    Webster Theatre                                         Hartford, CT – SOLD OUT

4/12    House of Blues                                           Boston, MA – SOLD OUT

4/13    Tower Theatre                                             Philadelphia, PA – SOLD OUT

4/15    Best Buy Theater                                        New York, NY – SOLD OUT

4/16    Best Buy Theater                                        New York, NY – SOLD OUT

4/17    The State Theater *                                     Portland, ME

4/18    Lupos *                                                         Providence, RI

4/19    Sands                                                           Bethlehem, PA

4/21    Best Buy Theater                                        New York, NY – SOLD OUT

4/22    Fillmore                                                        Silver Spring, MD – SOLD OUT

4/24    The Tabernacle                                           Atlanta, GA

4/25    Freebird Live *                                             Jacksonville, FL

4/26    Revolution                                                    Ft. Lauderdale, FL – SOLD OUT

4/27    House of Blues                                            Orlando, FL – SOLD OUT


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