for the fallen dreams

Words By: Dylan McAteer

Released: April 8, 2014 via Rise Records

For the Fallen Dreams release their fifth full-length album with Heavy Hearts [purchase here]. This one sees the return of former vocalist, Chad Ruhlig, who has been absent for the bands last three releases.

The album comes in super heavy just like you wanted it to with the guitars building in to some solid screams with “Emerald Blue”. Very good entrance to the release as it really amps the heart rate up. Nothing better than when an album instantly gets you pumped up right from its opening track. The slow breakdown at the end is interesting as it serves as a lead into the fast paced “Choke”. I really enjoy the guitars in this one; they work perfectly with the track to stand out but not over power. Vocally extremely well done in my opinion, the passion and energy oozes out.

“Lights” is a pretty sweet track that brings the full package to the table. Heavy hitting drums with a sick riff and some rocking vocals make for a great experience. At this rate I could just tell you why each song is awesome, but my point here is that the album is true to its name. Heavy Hearts makes us want some heavy passionate songs that we can rock out to, fortunately enough that’s exactly what they brought.

“Unfinished Business” is cool track on the last half of the album that leaves you feeling energized. I really like the heaviness found in the first half of the song that shifts tempo towards the latter half. The guitar work stands out here more than on a lot of the songs on the album.

Overall this is a really good release that you can pick up and get into instantly. I love albums that have lots of energy and know how to use that to produce something incredible. The vocals couldn’t have worked out better with Ruhlig’s return and with featuring artists Garret Rapp (The Color Morale) and Landon Tewers (The Plot In You). Definitely some good stuff to be found on here that is worth getting a hold of!

Heavy Hearts Track List:

Emerald Blue
Dream Eater (ft. Garret Rapp)
Unfinished Business
Smelling Salt (ft. Landon Towers)

 Listen To “Emerald Blue” here via YouTube:

Listen To “Lights” here via Youtube:

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