This must see metal show immersed into Oshawa on Friday April 4th at E.P Taylor’s. The best of the best local bands all fit into one bill made for a much anticipated show date. Sleep When You’re Dead, This is Death Valley, Drag the Lake, Constellations, and Weston. Also including headliners Skynet from Hamilton, ON. The show was apart of many at the Reel Music Festival, which is hosted by second-year Music Business Management students at Durham College that is in its 14th year running.

Upon arrival I walked in to the venue catching a glimpse of Weston ready to take the stage.  This band is swift, dense and well rounded bringing full diverse vocals from James Telep. Also welcoming Adam Almeida on guitar to his first show with the band who is a former member of Transcend the Skies. I hope to hear more coming from this band as the summer months approach.

“Pickering Scum” favourites were up next, better known as Constellations. Still repping their Death to Us album featuring Alex Leech from Sleep When You’re Dead on the track “Coward”. Hearing a solid track like that come to life by two locals really enhances the sentiment of a music scene. They also brought back the “Chop Suey” cover by System of a Down which undoubtedly gets insane crowd participation with their own twist of hardcore.

Following were Drag the Lake from Toronto, Ontario. This band has a really deep sound that compliments how heavy they can be. I have seen them many times before but my favourite part of their set will always be because of the song :I am Violence” from the I am Violence album released in 2012. Watching the crowd screaming for the mic or yelling in the crowd mimicking the chorus just gives out this badass vibe, everytime.

I think it’s hard for bands to pull off two lead vocalists because there has to be a balance that’s met for optimum coverage. This is Death Valley finds that median and really takes advantage of how well both sounds work together for each having a different range and a different tone. If you missed them this time around be sure to watch them with Unearth, Winds of Plague, Texas in July and Dreamers in Toronto on April 16th.

Sleep When You’re Dead, the co-headliner of the evening. I could really talk about how good this band is until the next new moon, so I’ll try and keep this one short. The sound is simply immaculate. It’s such a refined sound of hardcore and metal even though they are locals on the rise they could take this genre by storm and be the next big thing. It’s just a sound that’s so well produced to me it already sounds like they’ve made it big. Hey guys, remember us when you’re famous okay?

Skynet is not only an intriguing name for this genre but it’s one you want to share. You know when you feel confident enough to tell a friend about a new jam you’ve been listening to or bring up a really solid band in conversation? This is the band to do so, and I suggest you do. Even with the latest set time starting at 11:30 the crowd’s volume remained the same and the energy elevated. All in all, every band was a perfect match for this show and really made this night one to remember. Catch Skynet at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto on June 12th with Honour Crest, Cardinals Pride + guests !

Also, check out our photos from Skynet at the Bovine in Toronto


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