Southwestern Ontario flocked to The Opera House in Toronto and the London Music Hall in London on April 29th & 30th to catch Blessthefalls Hollow Bodies Tour. In addition to the headliner, four more fantastic bands came to show their stuff. Heartist, Secrets, The Amity Affliction and Silverstein set a real spark to the show.

Opening up the night was Orange County, California’s Heartist. They got the party started alright, bringing tons of energy to the stage. Playing songs such as “Where Did I Go Wrong” and “Disconnected” off of their debut EP Nothing You Didn’t Deserve.

The crowd got a special treat as they unveiled their new song, “Skeletons”, which got posted on YouTube the very day of the London show.

Secrets took the stage after the recess, playing songs off Fragile Figures. The crowd was getting pretty rowdy as the showmanship was off the charts! Lead guitarist Michael Sherman was flying around the stage jumping and spinning every which way. It’s fair enough to say that energy was contagious.

They even brought out matching white guitars halfway through the set as the five of them rocked out. On a funnier note, all of the bands seemed to be having cord problems on stage including Secrets. Lead vocalist Aaron Melzer tripped on one and bumped the drums drawing a chuckle from drummer Joe English. They lived up to expectation and even hung around afterward taking pictures and signing CD’s.

Up next, travelling all the way from Australia, was The Amity Affliction. By this point in the night the crowd was loud and going crazy pressed up against the stage. Tons of crowd surfing including vocalist Joel Birch giving one lucky fan a birthday shout out and a stage dive.

The guys played some stuff off of their most recent album, Chasing Ghosts, including a fan favourite in “Open Letter”. In anticipation for their upcoming album in June, titled Let the Ocean Take Me, the band performed the newly released “Pittsburgh”.

After The Amity Affliction finished their set fans had already gotten their moneys worth out of the night! That being said there were still two incredible bands waiting back stage.

Burlington, Ontario sent the only local band with Silverstein taking the stage. The oldest band on the tour showed their experience with some great showmanship. They played songs that date back an entire decade from their album Discovering the Waterfront.

The crowd was on their side from the get go and they used that energy to fuel one sweet performance.

Finally it was time for the headliner, coming in all the way from Phoenix, Arizona. Blessthefall entered to a roar of applause from the crowd and boy did they kill it up there.

Vocalist Beau Bokan led the charge with an enthusiastic performance that featured tracks from various albums. At one point lead guitarist Eric Lambert had a sick solo while leaning on bass guitarist Jared Warth’s knee and wow did the crowd love that.

Bokan laid the law down at the concert saying that anyone who hadn’t seen them yet had to give them a high five before the show ended. He had so many people jump up on stage following the law.

It was awesome to see them call for a classic wall in the pit area with tons of people getting involved. By the end of their performance the crowd was practically bouncing off the walls.

The audience cried out for an encore and the guys ran back out on stage and closed it out with “Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted” off of their album Witness.

An absolutely phenomenal show that I’d be sorry to hear if you missed. If for some strange reason you missed it you have to hit the road and catch the rest of the tour. Don’t worry, I promise it will be more than worth it.




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