On May 2nd & 3rd 2014; Toronto’s very own July Talk took over Lee’s Palace in Toronto with two incredible SOLD OUT shows with support from locals Army Girls and Dear Sister. Fans of all demographics made their way to the second and final round on the Saturday. Lee’s Palace was filled from the stage straight back to the bar. Fans got pretty intimate in each other’s hot and sweaty personal spaces as they waited to catch the bands.

The first act to take the stage was Dear Sister. With this act being new to almost all of the fans in the crowd, they gave it their all with a steady and crowd friendly performance. Although they didn’t provide the audience with that upbeat and crazy sound you would get from July Talk, they managed to engage everyone with their calmed down indie-rock sound.

Up next, the time came for two-piece rocker’s Army Girls. Although lead guitar/vocals Carmen Elle was having technical issues through most of their set, Army Girls did not shy from providing the crowd with a wild and highly entertaining performance. At times when there was nothing to their sound but a beat of the drums and Elle’s acapella serenades, they still managed to have the crowd dancing and clapping along to their tracks- one fan in particular being Leah Fay of July Talk. It was really cool to see how genuine and down to earth July Talk was by standing out and having fun in the crowd, they have really stayed true to what got them to the point in their careers that they are at now; their fans and their love of music.

Finally, after the crowd got even more hot and sweaty, the time came for July Talk to take over. Stepping on stage in all black and white and opening up with “The Garden”, fans were going wild and singing and dancing along.

The chemistry between vocalists Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis will have you falling in love with the band upon first sight. Whether they were biting one another or singing to each other from across the stage, all eyes were glued to how passionate and happy they were together.

July Talk played all of their fan favorites like: “Guns + Ammunition”, “I’ve Rationed Well”, “Let Her Know” & “Paper Girl”, along with new tracks like “Summer Dress” and “Blood and Honey” which fans heard live for the first time at these shows.

All in all, July Talk proved to Toronto that they were home and grateful for what they have, and in return; fans cheered and sang their hearts out. July Talk are definitely one of those must see live acts that you’ll be singing along to days later.




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