The second full-length album from Toronto band Structures is here with quite a different look to it. Life Through a Window is a new direction for the band that now only consists of three members. They’ve gotten rid of the clean vocals and now it’s pure screams from Brendon Padjasek.


It’s easy to see that this is an evolved work with a more definitive direction than their debut album, Divided By. This is a real step forward for the group who are solidifying their image in the metal scene. Although it can be hard to explain, this release is far more organized in terms of instrumentals and runs more fluidly. Quite frankly it’s very impressive.


The band definitely took some mixed reviews when they released “Extinction” as an album teaser several weeks ago. The new sound caught people off guard but when you insert it into the album as a whole it has only a positive impact. Many people were fortunate enough to have already experienced the live release of this album at the listening party last month.


Personally I really enjoy the combo of  “The Buried” and “Nothing To Lose” at the albums outset. It opens up super heavy with a razor sharp aggression that dictates the feel of the entire album. I find that these tracks really ignite a fire in your belly that’s about to boil over. This is a good thing, especially if you love the high-energy albums.


If I were to pick out a favourite track, I would have to say that it’s “Alien”. The overall feel to it is like a soothing aggression. Two very weird terms to combine I know but it leaves you with a feel good anger. The overall message of working your butt off for what you want is sick. I really enjoy the whole idea being self made and getting what you put into something. A very good lesson that people would do wise to take in from this track. Message aside it has amazing instrumentals infused with some incredible vocals.


“Earth Gazing” is another track that I would recommend you give a good listen purely because of the vocal display. Padjasek showcases his talent at the mic and incorporates a very unique rap-scream section. That’s something that I personally can’t recall having come across in my musical history.


I should also note that Spyros Georgiou and Andrew McEnaney really help carry this album all the way through with their instrumentals. The work here is much more structured, no pun intended, which speaks volumes for the growing band. This album blew me away and you’d be foolish not to pick up a copy. This is one of those career skyrocketing albums that is sure to dazzle.


Needless to say, Structures will be reaping what they’ve sewn.


Track list:

  1. Buried
  2. Nothing To Lose
  3. The Worst of Both Worlds (Feat. Drew York)
  4. My Conscience
  5. Broken Telephone
  6. Extinction
  7. Alien
  8. Requiem
  9. Earth Gazing
  10. Follower (Ft. Adrian Fitipaldes)
  11. Life Through a Window


Listen to “Follower (Ft. Adrian Fitipaldes)” here via YouTube:


Listen to “The Worst of Both Worlds (Feat. Drew York)” here via YouTube:


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