REVIEW: HELLYEAH | The Opera House



On May 16 I had the pleasure of enjoying Hellyeah live in concert at the Opera House.

When the late Pantera/Damage Plan guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott went away Vinnie Paul’s heart went with him. He didn’t think he’d ever really be able to do this again. However, 2006 news broke that a band has decided on a name for itself. That band was Hellyeah.

Guelph, ON-based alternative-rock band Persist was the first band to hit stage. Up next was Crawl. The  Atlanta-based band offered a broad, rich expanse of pretty, psychedelic, occasionally heavy, mostly straight-up rock. Not the kind of music you would hear from Hellyeah but fans dug it. The crowd was spot on.  I’ve got to give props to that.

Before Hellyeah appeared on stage many of us got our hearts racing when we hear  first chords from “Raining Blood” by Slayer, unifying and inciting the moshing crowd simultaneously. I wonder if this is  something of a tradition that  serves to tell the fans when Hellyeah are about to play.

As would be expected, the crowd went absolutely ballistic during cuts such as “Sangre Por Sangre (Blood For Blood)”,”Drink Drank Drunk”. You can’t go wrong with music inspired by fishing, fighting, and hot rodding, can you?

In the 8 years since they first started, the Southern band have become major players in a new breed of Southern rockers and it shows on stage. It feels like Dime  is right behind the band driving them all the way.

The band survived having to sack bassplayer Bob “Zilla” Kakaha and guitarist Greg Tribbett (Mudvayne). Bob has been replaced by monster player Kyle Sanders, a former member of Bloodsimple and the brother of Mastodon’s Troy Sanders while Greg is being replaced by Christian Brady, a Vegas player.

I also got to give props to Inertia Entertainment’s owner Noel Peters. He never ceases to put on the best shows ever.

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