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The Disarm the Descent Tour hit London, Ontario On May 17th, 2014 night with a sold out crowd on hand. The star-studded line-up featured Battlecross, Trivium and Killswitch Engage.

The London Music Hall was a buzz with excitement for the show with people lined up out the door. There was a huge age range in the crowd with music lovers young and old. In fact there were even some small children on hand to take in the nights festivities. There was a really inter-generational bond there that made the event extra special, bringing everyone together.

Battlecross performed first, which got the energy level kick-started for the two bands that followed. Tons of Battlecross merchandise could be seen throughout the venue as to be expected. I can’t recall seeing so many band shirts at a concert for the bands playing that very night as I did on this night. All of the bands must have been feeling the love all night long!

Following Battlecross was Orlando band Trivium, who emerged to a thunderous applause. The band had some cool décor with massive metal letter T’s across the stage surrounding the band members.

They played such hits as “Strife” and “Built To Fall”, which naturally the crowd went nuts for. The band really rocked the stage, though I mean come on its Trivium, of course they killed it.

Trivium had some mad moshing going on while they played and every single person was rocking out.

When the time came for the band to part ways with fans, they were met with a heartfelt applause, mixed with a little sadness in that it was over. Fortunately, Killswitch Engage was getting ready backstage and the night wasn’t over yet!

When Killswitch ran on stage there was a deafening roar that shook the building, with the crowd already getting pretty rowdy. You could just feel the energy in the air and it was time to party. Awesomely enough, now I’ve never experienced this before, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz created an in-concert drinking game. Whenever the background projection changed to a hilarious Calvin and Hobbes like tiger you had to drink. A very innovative way to get the crowd involved to say the least.

Playing a lot of stuff off of the new album of course given the name of the tour, they played a sick show! “You Don’t Bleed For Me” was an awesome fan tribute performance for everyone that has ever protested.

Getting to see them perform “My Last Serenade” was my personal favourite from the night and they killed it live. Always a plus when a band you’ve listened to for years can further impress you with a live performance.

Sadly the night had to come to a close and with it Killswitch decided to go out with “My Curse”, a classic form As Daylight Dies. All in all it was a fantastic show that I’d have been pretty bummed out to miss. Make sure you check them all of these bands out if you haven’t already!



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