It’s the end of the world, as we know it! Well not entirely, but our world with Three Crowns has come to an end. These gentleman based out of Kitchener, ON, have become a household name in our local music scene for the past 3 years finishing off their final rounds with their farewell shows in Toronto, Sarnia, and of course Kitchener. We were welcomed by their electric current on our grounds starting in Toronto at the Hard Luck Bar May 22. Forever Cadence from Toronto, ON, co-headlined all three shows on this short but memorable run. Also supporting that night were other locals Homage and Relinquish My Past.

If the purpose for this show wasn’t heartbreaking enough the intro to the night lacked serious attendance to my surprise. I don’t think you could rely on many more head counts other than the bands that were already present for when Relinquish My Past started up. Following their intro was a throwback cover to Asking Alexandria “The Final Episode” as well as As I Lay Dying’s “Confined” and also ending with an original. I hear potential with their sound if they can shape up more originals to familiarize listeners.

I don’t know if I’ve been out of the loop for never hearing of Homage before this show, but am I sure glad I know now. The salient melodic hardcore sound reminds me of Hundredth, especially in the vocals but even a little grittier which I totally dig. I recommend you go check out their bandcamp for their two tracks they have up now.

This isn’t my first time catching Forever Cadence but seeing them again reminds me why I love their We All Have Heart EP. It’s been out since 2012 and available on iTunes so hint hint, nudge nudge, go get it! I’m a huge fan of the cleans and screams and they dominate it so well.

Three Crowns killed it one last time for us and we even got a special guest appearance from Cardinals Pride vocalist Alexis Paré on “Strength in Numbers”, as they were in town from Quebec City. I first saw Three Crowns at a friend’s birthday show two years ago and wherever I turned they were on the bill of the show, house show or festival I was heading out too. They soon became my favourite local band repping my navy pullover from The Resistance EP. Watching them become part of the Famined Records family, hitting east coast tours, and seeing rooms fill side-to-side (literally) was really uplifting to see growth and success for a local band. Dismiss the cliché “they’re such a down to earth band,” but they really are. As much as I wish I had all the power to keep them together, I wish them luck with whatever direction they all choose to fulfill. Finishing on a high note, 3C released their final EP titled Weathered which you can pick up for free on their bandcamp.





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