Secrets have released a deluxe edition of their second studio album, Fragile Figures, which is all the talk right now. The album was originally released in July of 2013 and featured eleven songs. Now the edition features a total of fifteen songs with three brand new tracks and a remix.

Personally, I love all of the new tracks because it is Secrets doing what they do best! They’ve found their strive and are setting themselves on a great career trajectory. They’re style is making waves in the music scene and it’s no wonder why when they release fantastic music like this.

In my opinion “Heartbreak Kids” is the best track out of the new ones, but that’s not putting down any of the others. I just love the sound of this one and how they’ve arranged it. I really am not a remix guy when it comes to this genre but I can’t help but enjoy “Ready For Repair (Captain Midnite Remix Feat. Johnny Craig & Kyle Lucas)”.

Make sure you pick up a copy! Seriously these guys are incredible musicians and class acts, and don’t forget to catch them at Vans Warped Tour in Toronto on July 4th!

Track list:

  1. Dance Of The Dead
  2. Heartbreak Kids
  3. The Wild
  4. How We Survive
  5. Ready For Repair
  6. Forever and Never
  7. Artist vs. Who?
  8. Wasted Youth, Pt. 1
  9. The Architect, Pt.2
  10. Maybe Next May
  11. Fragile Figures
  12. Live Together, Die Alone
  13. Infinite Escape
  14. Sleep Well, Darling
  15. Ready For Repair (Captain Midnite Remix Feat. Johnny Craig & Kyle Lucas)


Check out our coverage of Secrets on the Hollow Bodies Tour.


Listen To “Heartbreaks Kids” here via YouTube:

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