ALBUM REVIEW: The Amity Affliction “Let The Ocean Take Me”

the amity affliction


Release: June 10, 2014 via Roadrunner Records

The sequel to Chasing Ghosts has finally arrived from Australian sensation The Amity Affliction. Let The Ocean Take Me, is the next major release for the band that expresses their innermost thoughts and feelings. Featuring 10 tracks, two of which were released early to help promote.

Being one of the most unique bands on the scene today, they have certainly attracted a lot of attention. This comes through not only their sound but also what they produce lyrically. Unclean vocalist Joel Birch, who writes all of the bands lyrics, takes inspiration from his own life. Largely why I feel the bands work is so relatable for its fan base. The concepts of depression, anxiety and suicide are ones that a growing number of teens and adults together share in. Let The Ocean Take Me connects all of these horrifying negatives by creating a positive artistic outlet.

The Opening track, “Pittsburgh”, was the first to be released of the fourth studio album and is some of their most impressive work to date. The chorus is something that hits home and draws the listener in. It’s very heart felt and supportive to things that connect us all. I love the instrumentals they use on this track to tie it all together. Many of you probably got to see them perform this on the Hollow Bodies tour where they toured with Blessthefall. (Find our coverage here)

“Never Alone” is one of the most powerful tracks that you will find here and is shattering upon first listen. The positive strength of unifying is overwhelming in a world where you can’t help but feel alone. Touching upon their own experiences they create an inspirational track that everyone can delve deep into. Again the instrumentals are phenomenal and do a perfect job of intensifying the felling behind the song. You may want to brace yourself for the phone call at the end of the song as it freezes you in place. The first time I heard it I was blown away, stuck in place mouth hanging open lost in the moment.

Picking a favourite track proved incredibly difficult for me as there are so many emotionally gripping tunes to be found here. I have to say though that “Don’t Lean On Me” is my top pick. I love the piano entrance that breaks into the heavy screams and strong instrumentals. Ahren Stringer is probably my favorite cleans singer in the industry today, so forgive my bias but he nails it on this one. The song as a collective whole is moving and impressive. Definitely a song that you will find yourself singing along and bobbing your head to. Make sure you read Birch’s open letter on the bands website as it explains the thought behind it. Reading the letter adds to the power of the song tenfold and increases the fan connection.

Overall this is an incredible album that I have been waiting for all year; thankfully it’s release time! Prepare for an emotional ride from beginning to end that will rock your world. To be honest I could have included any of the tracks in this review, that’s how powerful I find this album to be. Long time listeners of the band will love it and first timers will never look back. Now go pick up your copy!

Catch The Amity Affliction at Tattoo in Toronto on July 8th with For The Fallen Dreams & Obey The Brave !

Track list:

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Lost & Fading
  3. Don’t Lean On Me
  4. The Weigh Down
  5. Never Alone
  6. Death’s Head
  7. Fml
  8. My Father’s Son
  9. Forrest Fire
  10. Give It All

Watch the video for “Don’t Lean On Me”:

Watch the video for “Pittsburgh”:


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