PHOTOS+REVIEW: BOSTON w/ CHEAP TRICK | Molson Canadian Amphitheatre



On a dark and rainy Monday June 23rd, 2014; the Heaven on Earth Tour brought light and fun to the Molson Canadian Amphitheater in Toronto, bringing with it some mighty names in classic rock n’ roll, Cheap Trick and Boston.

The first band to take control was Rockford Illinois’ Cheap Trick. They were welcomed on stage by a build-up of audio clips and quotes- creating an intense anticipation. Opening up with “Are You Ready to Rock”, Cheap Trick looked and sounded great while getting fans warmed up in no time.

Their stage set up was packed with fun lights and a checkered theme to match their unique style. Along with the inclusion of their signature police hats, they brought out an expensive and flashy range of guitars, one of which included Rick Neilsen’s 5 neck guitar- impressive!

Cheap Trick’s set list included: “California Man”, “Ain’t That a Shame”, “The Flame”, “I Want You to Want Me”, “Dream Police” and “Surrender”.

Finally after fans cheered them on stage, the time came for Boston to take us to another galaxy far, far away. Stepping out onto their spaceship themed stage, the lights felt like they blew out of this world as the music started playing; it was truly spectacular to see and sucked fans in immediately. Opening up with “Rock and Roll Band”, the crowd was going wild and not missing a beat.

Boston blew fans away as they performed back to back hit, their set list included: “Smokin”, “Feelin Satisfied”, “Peace of Mind”, “Cool the Engines”, “Don’t Look Back”, “Something About You”, “Amanda”, “More Than a Feeling”.

All in all, the night was incredible and flawless. Fans of all generations and taste in music will mark this as one to be remembered in the books.

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  1. A brief but very accurate review; both bands were awesome. Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander demonstrated he still has the pipes, especially during his rendition of The Flame. Boston was simply outstanding, while Tommy DeCarlo is not Brad Delp, he does sound a lot like him; the other musicians that 67 year-old Tom Scholtz surrounds himself with are all top notch performers. The band was clearly having a great time up on stage and this quickly rubbed off on the crowd. It was truly a great experience to hear this music performed so well. Thank you Tom Scholtz for keeping this music alive !!!

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