On Friday July 27 Conquerors Of The World festival took over Toronto once again as it’s getting to be festival season.

Montreal’s Necronomicon pumped the crowd up and prepared everyone for the co-headlining bands.

Tired of waiting for the new Dimmu Borgir album? Those dudes that were big fans of Dimmu Borgir now have a new band to worship. Listen to Fleshgod Apocalypse as the Italian band have taken their place. The Romans blasted the audience. It was unabashedly technical and beautifully melodic  at the same time. The keys and orchestrations add a pompous, bombastic character to the music.

Pianist Francesco Ferrini is the real deal. He doesn’t use keyboards although he could do it. He brought his own upright piano on tour which shone on “The Violaton” off 2011’s “Agony”.

Their image doesn’t suck either. They dress in ripped suits and use corpse paint.

Greek black metal might not have the bad-ass, altar-torching reputation that Norway’s exponents of the genre take for granted, but the contribution  to the genre made by bands  like Septicflesh must not be underestimated. I have a huge respect for Greek bands. They bleed for their music.

While the likes of Rotting Christ have developed way beyond the limitations of black metal, Septicflesh still continue to operate in that ghetto.

These warriors  are one of those bands that inevitably developed a focused sound, and a substantial discography.The quartet compromising Spiros Antoniou (Vocals/bass), Sotiris Vayenas (guitar), Christos Antoniou (guitar), and Fotis Bernardo (drums) create a poetic mix of sounds.

On stage the band melted faces with an extreme degree – think how “Anubis”  off 2008’s Communion sounds like live. I knew they’d be killing it again. They’re not the kind of band that will show up and just do a half-assed job. If you left the venue with at least one great memory I’m going  suspect you did it wrong.

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