rival sons


Photo by: Rick Horn

On July 3, Rival Sons turned in a strong performance at The Virgin Mobile MOD Club with their blues-rock hits present and accounted for, often with extended intros and jams.

Ottawa/Toronto band The Balconies were the first act to hit the stage. The band fit right in as the perfect opening act. Just like the main band; The Balconies take inspiration from the best parts of rock from the 70’s and late 60’s.

Up next was Rival Sons. Hearing singer ‘Jay Buchanan’ deliver each lyric with sharp, unmistakable authority is a stunning experience. Three songs down and the band already had the audience eating out of their hands. Apparently he arrives with songs on his own and ousts guitar player Scott Holyday in that department. The frontman carried the show nicely, setting his gruff but accurate voice loose on the catalog while sandwiched between the guitar assault of Scott  – his guitarplaying left many fans stammering in awe. Image wise Scott’s The mighty Boosh meets D’Artagnan.

Newcomer ‘Dave Beste’  (bass) fits into the mold with ease. He’s a good replacement for the red-headed Canadian bass player  Robin Everhart who got somewhat fed up of touring.

“Pressure and Time” caused uproar, which was further fuelled by “Keep On Swinging”. It’s just too bad that the band couldn’t find a way to integrate a few more crowd-pleasers into the set.

Long Beach main exports to date have been Avi Buffalo and Snoop Dog. Very few  rock bands from there get up and go. But it’s all about to change with the Rival Sons.

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